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Originally Posted by yaahl View Post
Now why does this all sound so familiar? Oh yeah, historystudent used the same rationale with me. Seems our friend here likes to limit the contributions to his very one sided arguments. Like I said, he's using a a 20 pound sledge hammer to hit a gnat. Wait for it JD, this character will create a few new accounts and follow you around the boards.

ESCN/historystudent or who ever you are today, in just a short time period, your rants, attacks and cuts and pastes have done the good people of the east much harm. You have presented yourself in nothing more than the very stereotype of what folks in your position are seen to be - overzealous with an enlarged sense of entitlement.

As I have said many times before, if you feels your community requires acknowledgement from the Feds, then instead of arguing and attacking people of a website, why not take that energy and focus on lobbying? (however, I really hope you don't because your volatile temperament might have all Indians look like spoiled school children throwing a temper tantrums at the first sign of a rejection.)

Here's a few things you might want to consider in your future endeavours to get your point across:

1. Learn how to spell and punctuate your written material. Your message gets lost in the wall of text you insist on posting and spelling mistake make you look like a rank amateur;

2. Breaking your thought processes to attack and counter attack those who question you, serves no purpose except to make you appear to have a weak argument. If you pay attention to cases argued in the Appellate levels of courts, you will never see a party diverge from their arguments once they answer a question from a justice;

3.Be professional if you want people to take you seriously. This sabre rattling or as I call it "hands bags at dawn" duelling is only succeeding in making yourself look like a teenager with hormonal angst;

4. Make sure you cite your reference material and if you make an assertion, be prepared to back it up with data, detail and conviction if questioned on it. Don't fall back on the default of "poor me" when the heat is lit under your contention - remember attack the idea not the man;

5. Know your constituency. Attacking the very people who could be your allies and mentors, is not clever and comes under the guise of you just being either brave or stupid. Likewise, if you are going to "sing to the choir" make sure that the choir really wants to hear your songs. You do have a tendency to bore the teats off folks with your rambling and repeated message of "us versus them" mentality. However that said, if you are going to behave in a manner that invites personal ridicule, then you also have to be big enough to take it;

6. If people are finding holes in your arguments, then listen to them - check the veracity of their statement and if your point is erroneous, correct it. You'll be taken much more seriously if you contend accurate material and interpretation of it and finally;

7. Don't pretend to have more supporters than you really have. Making up accounts or alluding to a larger group to appear to have support is just immature and loses any credibility you may have in the larger scope of Indian politics. One thing that is a constant with our politics is the question asked, "Who do you speak for?" You seem to have forgotten that one can speak for themselves or right up to an entire nation. If you really want to get your message out and not have counter arguments against it, then I suggest as others have, to create your own website and fill your boots with the your own content. Stop leeching off established sites to conduct your business. All you have done since your presence started on here is repeat the same behaviour with every new persona you create.

I'll give you just one site.

go there and learn something. Make sure you get thru all 4 videos.

Maybe you should start actually seeing the links I post before you suggest there is not alot of people who are saying the same thing's being said here. There is protests beng made around the USA know the REAL world over this same type of stuff.
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