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Originally Posted by muskrat_skull View Post
My point is that just because you see Sam Smith doesn't mean your relative was him. Otherwise, anyone could say that. Either you have secondary information passed down through family, perhaps another name in a native language, census records, court and family records. I need to be clear and say I'm referring to the Cherokee Rolls compiled by the government, not any tribal documents, which hopefully there is support there. A family story or rumor might be pointing at the wrong relative or got otherwise changed through time.

I have a whole family that matches on one the of Cherokee rolls, the brother rumoured to have fled during Indian removal. This familial relationship is documented in a chauncery case file. Another family has said that some or one of the family members is their family and they do not account for some of the other family members. It probably is their family for all I know. Documentation she sites is documentation of moves to Oklahoma and the movement of various other family members, marriages provide info as people in the old days married into the same families sometimes, familial names, pictures, documents, just lots of stuff. It all creates a picture. After you do some searching for family records, you realize just how confusing things can get and how many people were named the same thing or the same people use different names, mispellings, transposition errors.

Can someone make this up? I guess they can just glom on to someone else's family, but I don't think that does much for the individual doing this.

Most tribal membership that I have seen relies on continued relationships with their sovereign nation anyway, so people would know you, or at least know your family.
OK clarity is good, but I'm guessing thats why nations require you to prove lineage cause you are right, and I think that is probably why we see so many of the wannabes up here, they come across a family name and instantly assume, I must be NDN.
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