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Originally Posted by yaahl View Post
Dig a little deeper into that forum and you find the root of where Historystudent aka ESCN lays claim to being a PhD in genetics, historian and expert... but he started off in an artist world prior to his becoming a DNA expert.

Read another few pages and you see the roots of this young man's angst when another member asks him to refrain from violating copyright...boy did that reply ring a bell with to him, his in laws are paralegals.

His response here was almost to the letter... another fine cut and paste...

And a few more posts and we have his mantra of how a) you aren't suppose to question his research and b) how people attack him...

Sound familiar?

Then when he is asked to ante up his connections, he gives what appears to be a detailed account of his kin.. but doesn't show how he is connected to them just as he failed to do so here...

But the speech on how he is the new blood of the natives and research... was priceless...

Then for two full pages he does what he repeated here, posts a massive amount of text that is not sourced or has proper citations. A PhD, student would certainly use one or at least be aware of the many forms of citations. APA, Oxford, Harvard, McGill, ASA, CMOS, MLA to name a few...

Then again, as he has done here when confronted with his shaky research he counters with it making no sense.

And that research group he often speaks about? It's a group over on But the real pearl is the CV on his tough guy persona... jail time, fighting, over 60 fights... priceless...

Oh, and his connection to the Smithsonian? It's a contact that has helped him with some research...

Then when asked about a certain wiki page that has long since been deleted..

This one should certainly go into NT's thread on "Things that make you go hmmmmm..."

However, the comment that our young warrior is naught but a Collin's wannabe cracked me up... seems this may be where he takes affront at being called a wannabe...

But alas the tale of young, artist, marketing expert, Genetics PhD, researcher, champion of the uncarded Indian, historian and all round ideal, new generation, Indian... ends here as he got told off by the owner of the site... for, go figure, not citing material properly and heavens... getting his facts wrong.

He hasn't been back since 2008.

ESCN, you truly are a creature that needs pity as you are indeed a soul that is lost. You are trying so hard to find yourself in the bones of people that have long since passed this way that you have forgotten to make your own mark. I feel sorry for you that you have to live in the shadows of ancestors because you do not trust yourself to be who you were born to be.

You really should not get into stuff you did not research more lol

You posted one thread. To that lol. them are all from the same thread. If you researched more you would have seen a large chunk of People on Saponi town decided to refuse posting there anymore as long as Don Collins was allowed to stay on there.

Saponi Town was supposed to had been for saponi descendants and family to pass back and forth information amongst themself. Don collins openly admited he is not a saponi, he "attempted" to prove the people on that message board was his family by taking a DNA test, that test proved he was NOT related to anyone on that message board. Then he got all mad because the DNA results was posted on the DNA site as public information. So his DNA attempt to prove himself to be something he was not went against him.

There is the DNA results which is public. Don collins aka Dcollins' DNA is "Valentine collins". Listed right above is Bertie county's Bunch family. If you look you shall see his DNA results matched perfect on every marker with the Bunch family. His DNA did NOT match to ANY of the Collins family or anyone else connected to the Saponi families.

I guess you did not research it enough to have actually looked at that part huh? lol

As far as newman's ridge's Native americans go, If you are not from Vardy Collins or Shepard Gibson then you do not fall in the Native American line.

So in all, Don Collins proved his own self to not come from the Saponi families, he also stated many times he was not from the Saponi people. So why should he be on a message board thats for Saponi indian descendants? Next time research a little more.

Now for the Saponi tow site owner.

--I appreciate all the research you've done and listed. I don't know if you're aware of our site, We've been researching the same issues for the past 12 years. We have 2,000 members, mainly un-enrolled Saponi descendants like yourself, who've contributed about 20,000 posts. Oxford University is linking to our site in their "Best of the Web" directory. I've heard most of the original documents you mentioned before, but we don't have them in one concise location.

I've set up a member account for you.

I'd love to see your collection of original source passages linked permanently off the first page.

Linda Carter

I guess you did not know about that either huh? Thats a personal invite from the Saponi Town's owner to me.

As for Cherosage, She is a good friend of mine as well.

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