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Originally Posted by subeeds View Post
ESCN, being Cheyenne, I was going to stay out of this "discussion", but.......

You have been asked a couple of times "who claims you"? You answer with a boatload of buffalo chips and never directly answer the question. How about a direct answer or aren't you capable of that.

You are here, trying to bend everyone to your point of view and if you haven't gotten the point by now-it ain't working. You have been rude to people who try and reply to the buffalo chips you are spreading about. I learned at a young age to tolerate the different points of view that others have. A discussion is one thing, but you insist on foisting your opinions down people's throats and it's very rude. As for wiki articles about people-anybody can edit/write those things, so quoting those as a source is a little risky. You need to learn some manners and to have some respect for people, even when they think differently than you do.

Buffalo chips, basically your saying what I say is S**t. Ok, that would basically be saying Nothing I'm saying is fact. So I challenge you to show where anything I stated was not the truth.

Until you can do that then do not refer to it as s**t.

I've done stated where I descend from, I've proved documentation and photos as well. I am not going to keep stating what tribes I descend from over and over. Especially seeing as the people who say that don't give their information other than, I'm from so and so tribe.

I on the other hand have already stated where I descend from and gave documentation. So I have nothing else further to give you on that. simple as that. As for the wikipedia articles I quoted from, if you actually looked at them you shall see the parts I quoted from is sourced at the bottom of those wikipedia pages.

--You need to learn some manners and to have some respect for people, --

I'm not sure if you actually read what I write or not, but my stuff is in defense to rude people who have no manners. I'm not the one going around trying to disprove ANYONE's native blood, I fight to prove people's native blood. I Do not use profanities or call people idiots for their ideas. I do not use racial terms on people. I sure do not attack people simply because they say "I'm native american". I do not travel to states my people do not come from to say who is or is not indian. I am not going to states I do not belong to SELL crafts. I defiently am not going to other states I do not belong and attacking those state's native elders. Even on here you will not see once where I went to someone else's topic to attack them. I do not scroll thru posts looking to attack people. The most you'll find me doing is informing a person they may be claiming the wrong tribe and then I'll show them what their ancestors claimed and show historical records informing them of why I'm saying they are claiming the wrong tribal destination. I also sure am not going around starting a group that is solely out to disprove anyone's native heritage. I do the opposite, I set out to help people prove their native heritage.

Now I see your in southern Georgia, Cheyenne's are not from georgia or related to any of the Georgia native heritage or culture. Now check this out, the tribes in southern Georgia have stated if I wanted to I could enroll in them anytime I wish to. I could become state recognized in Georgia any time I want. If I wanted to I could get enrolled in North Carolina tribes, Virginia tribes, and Ohio tribes. Because of my ancestry I could be state recognized in 3 states in the south east (Ohio as far as I know have no state recognigtion). That alone shows how connected I am to the south east native heritage and culture. Several people from my family tree is documented as being in georgia since the 1700's. My family has also been documented living with the creek indians in villa rica and coweta county Georgia since the 1820's thru documentation. My family is also recorded as even being at the historical Creek indian's 3 day festivals every autumn in Villa Rica, Ga even before removal. My family has been "documented" by name as indians of the south east as far back as the early 1600's.

It is quite funny how your in Georgia, when the native communties in Georgia is among the ones that are being attacked and being talked rudely to and shown disrespect. And here I am speaking up for them and defending them. Yet here you are on here defending the people who is attacking the Georgia native american communities. Maybe you are unaware there is no Federal recognigtion for Georgia tribes.

Point made, Case closed.

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