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Originally Posted by timmy tiger View Post
OH MY GOSH, yes there are many NDN's in OH. And for may years. But that's one individual, not a tribe. You aren't even getting that. You were talking about 'Tribes in OH". No one has to go through the Supreme court in OH to prove they are NDN unless they are trying to get something for it or out of it. You are missing the point, no one says that there aren't NDN's in OH, there are NO TRIBES!!! In OH. The ones who are in OH now, were moved there either by relocation or on their own. There are some Shawnee who are descendants, but they are NOT part of the URB which is the only "Tribe" in OH that is claiming to be State Recognized. As for many of the other's, not a chance. The Delaware claim to be a Tribe and yet, many of them don't claim to be delaware: they claim to be Cherokee, Wyandott and of other backgrounds. HOW? One person does NOT make a tribe. Fake tribes are fake and there aren't any real tribes in the state of OH. Yes, there are Indian people, true Indian people and descendants. But don't confuse them with other's who are fakes and liars who try to pull fast ones on innocent people and rake money from the state as that one fake I keep mentioning has been doing for so many years. I actually know a man who is Shawnee and that fool Jerry Pope turned him away 'cause he was really Ndn and Jerry isn't. No he's not if he has to lie, steal, cheat, and violate Federal LAws to get away with something, then he's totally FAKE!!!!

I've done stated that as well. Them people like Jerry Pope is not connected to us. Them new age people are not connected to us. Yet wanna be hunters wish to track down those type of people and say them people is the entire non recognized native people.

And see you yourself just admited the fact about there being REAL native descendants in Ohio. Yet your on here defending wanna be hunters who are comng to Ohio waving their federal cards at the Ohio native communties that have been attempting to steal their heritage from them.

So you are saying yes these people in Ohio is native people and it is ok for Federal card holders from states unrelated to Ohio to come to Ohio and harass them and call them fakes and attempt to steal their heritage away also right? Oh it's ok to go there and harass them, they are native americans but they do not have a federal card so it's ok to harass them. Get real.

If you actually check out the historical records you will find out that all the Siouans of Virginia came to Virgina from Ohio also. This is why they carried their mound building culture with them to virginia. They was invited to Virgina around 1200 ad. They started out in virginia with four mothers which one of the four mothers was named Sapona, which is why Saponi originally was recorded with the "Nough" at the end of their name. Before Ohio, they was in Missouri at Cahokia around 1000 ad. Now with the Western Siouans, you had the Dakota. The Nakota and Lakota broke off from Dakota. At one time the Monacan confederacy and the Mannahoac confederacy was one group with the Dakota, However the Western Siouans never continued many of the mother land traditions so the Dakota may had split off before the eastern siouans entered Cahokia in 1000 ad. Cherokee and some other Iroquians was at Cahokia as was the Muscogee.
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