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Originally Posted by timmy tiger View Post
I don't research the Saponi's so it doesn't make a difference to me right now. I don't need to see which one may or may not be real. You aren't eligible so why cry about it and find a group that never existed in the place you claim they did.

I do know a person who really is Saponi, who's wife is Federally recognized and she openly says that most of the people of that group are not descendants at all.

Now one last thing but I have to go look it up 'cause I know what was said.LOL Then I'm dong proving you don't know what you are talking about and you sure aren't credible to me at all. Might come back another day, but tonight I really have real people to help find the ancestry. Not someone who makes up fake history's like 1200.HAHAHAHA Oh I have to take a break before I wet myself from laughing so hard.HAHAHAHAHA

You said the 1800's right.

That video is by some lady who went researching how long the collins melungeon family been in Ohio and she found them entering in the 1850's. She was saying we was aliens so we did not give her much info. We would not give her our tribe name because she was acting all weird with her talks about us being aliens. We relocated to many of the mounds associated with us. In the 1850's they found us all around the serpant mound, in the early 1700's they was trying us as "indians" in court at the Saponi mound at louisa Virginia area. The indians at them court hearings was later indentified directly as Saponi.

You want to go deeper into Ohio's history with us?

--Shawnee Kispoko Chief Waywaythi
Little is recorded about the life of the father of Pucksinwah, except he was thirty years old at the time of Pucksinwah's birth which occurred at Pickawilly, located on the banks of the Great Miami River on the site of Piqua, Miami county, Ohio. No information has been discovered relative to the identity of his wife, Pucksinwah's mother.

Shawnee Kispoko Chief Pucksinwah
He was born at Pickawilly, Ohio, now the site of Piqua, Ohio, son of Wawwaythi. Married Methotasa, a cherokee Shawnee in May of 1755. He died October 10,1774 in the battle at Point Pleasant. He predicted his own death also the death of his son-in-law. Also gave birth to the first recorded triplet sons in the Shawnee Nation. Was a loving father and husband and cherished all young children as shown by adoption of children of white descent taken in battle, as shown below. A great Leader of his people and spiritually attuned to Manato, the Shawnee God.

Tecumpease ( Sister of Tecumseh)
abt 1758 -1823
Spouse -- Rupert Collins b. abt 1742
"The mother of Jane Collins Full is said to have retained her Indian name after her marriage to Mr. Collins." I can vision this Indian girl, dressed in the traditional garb, common to the customs of her people, wise in her knowledge of the wilderness, shy and unpretentious; the daughter of a chief and a princess among her tribe. She was born about 1749.--

Interesting, We have the Same Collins family marrying into the Ohio Shawnee back in the 1700's. We find the Collins family living at the Serpant mound in Ohio in the mid 1850's. We have the same Collins family being tried in court with Saponi indians at the Saponi mound.

Oh and did I mention DNA tests have confirmed these are the same Collins family?

I think I already showed the 1842 supreme court case in Ohio involving the Jeffries family.
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