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This was wrote in 1672 and it says over 400 years. So either way still close to 1200. This is speaking of the Siouans that came to Virginia. Take note he also refers to the Clock they use being made of a Wheel and refrerences the Mexican indian's wheel clock.

Note: The Oenock is the ENO who lived by Granville, NC. The Oenock merged with the saponi to be universally called Saponi.

--THE Discoveries of JOHN LEDERER from Virginia to the West of Carolina, and other parts of the Continent These parts were formerly possessed by the Tacci, alias Dogi but they are extinct; and the Indians now seated here, are distinguished into the several Nations of Mahoe, Nuntaneuck,aliàs Nuntaly, Nahyssan, Sapon, Managog, Mangoack, Akenatzy,and Monakin,&c. One Language is common to them all, though they differ in Dialects. The Indians now seated in these parts, are none of those which the English removed from Virginia, but a people driven by an Enemy from the Northwest, and invited to sit down here by an Oracle above four hundred years since, as they pretend: for the ancient inhabitants of Virginia were far more rude and barbarous, feeding onely upon raw flesh and fish, until these taught them to plant Corn, and shewed them the use of it. But before I treat of their ancient Manners and Customs, it is necessary I should shew by what means the knowledge of them hath been conveyed from former ages to posterity. Three ways they supply their want of Letters: first by Counters, secondly by Emblemes or Hieroglyphicks, thirdly by Tradition delivered in long Tales from father to son, which being children they are made to learn by rite.

An account of Time, and other things, they keep on a string or leather thong tied in knots of several colours. I took particular notice of small Wheels serving for this purpose among the Oenocks, because I have heard that the Mexicans use the same.--

It is funny you mention Aztecs Because people have refered to this Ohio Collins family as aztecs also.

Keep in mind the Melungeon's indian blood comes from Vardy Collins and shepard gibson. DNA tests prove Vardy is the same collins as the Ohio collins and the Virginia Collins and the Granville, NC Collins. So when this guy mentions Melungeons in the sense of indians, he is speaking about Vardy Collins and Shepard gibson's kids.

--The Melungeons

A Strange and Little Known Tennessee People

Descendants of Aztecs and Pizarro’s Spaniards - Their Peculiar Manners and Customs - Speculations: “Who are These Peoplle?

(From a Special Contributor)

July 29, 1894

But investigation proves these people to be true descendants of the Aztecs, with the blood of Spain and Portugal,
Now, let us take all the evidences we have before us-the names, features, bearings, habits, fondness for bright clothing and ornaments, traits of character and disposition, relics yet preserved in their homes, although unassociated as links in the chain of a direct history of their ancestry in the minds of the present tribe or race of “Melungeons,” yet is convincing to me that they are the diect descendants of the Aztecs and Portuguese, the latter commingling with the Aztecs probably as far back as the sixteenth century-I say this because I believe I can furnish proof of evidence difficult to refute of this being true-tat the Aztecs welcomed among them these few adventurers and that the union of the two races never extended farther than a limited area and a proportionately small amount of mixed blood, these being confined to the present limits of Tennessee, and represented now by a few hundred “Melungeons.”


There is more references however I am not getting into all of it. However I did prove my point that these siouans did get brought to Virginia from the North West, anyone who looks at a map will see Ohio is North West.

So timmy care to still comments about a subject you do not know about?

Oh and by the way I'm still waiting to see even one document on the three Saponi groups.
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