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Originally Posted by timmy tiger View Post
First of all I'm not arguring about the other Saponi's. I'm not a descendant. And they are State Recognized by the states they live in. The one's in OH Are NOT!!!

So that's your problem. I'm not worried about showing a document about one already seen by the state they reside in. I just know the ones in OH are FAKE!!! You can't fully document them as a tribe, only--maybe possibly one family if you're lucky. That's not a tribe. Get over it already. And it doesn't matter when he said it, you said 1700, now 1672, NEXT?LOL You keep changing it. Doesn't matter, it's just one person's word not a document and yes it's important to the tribe. But not a bunch of people running around trying to claim something that can't be. Not if the tribe left the state in the 1200 or even 1300's and then people show up 1850, wow who did they marry? How did they know one ancestor from 500 years before? Wouldn't have carried that far back then and your story is flat out wacked.

So what if they were brought to VA from OH, they left the state and from the time of the State's statehood, they were not ever documented as being in the State of OH so therefore the tribe left the state. ANy who remained left the tribe and aren't documented as being part of the tribe. The Court document you say shows someone was Indian, doesn't list what Tribe just that they were Indian. At least I didn't see it.

I do know what I'm talking about. It's you trying to twist it again like you always do. The facts are still the same:

1. There are NO State Recognized tribes in the state of OH

2. If the Saponi's had been in OH once, the tribe had left before it became a state and there's no documentation showing that they were actually in OH. Sure verbal history that is important to the tribe themselves, but has no basis for anyone to make up a tribe based on that. Especially since some families didn't show up until 1850's and OH became a state in 1803, where were they before 1850? So in 1850 they left the body of the tribe? so then still they left the tribe on their own. Either way, that's one family not a Tribe.

3. The OH Group of Saponi's is Fake and NOT State recognized or documented through the State at all. Means no Tribe, just a club!!!

4. You went in putting down Federally recognized tribes out of sour grapes and spoiled behavior and when someone shows you and tells you that something you want isn't real then you lower yourself to insults and arrogance and cocky behavior that you try to throw on someone else, but you now people now me here and can see through your arrogance. Well, if you have to go right ahead. I know the truth and so do you and everyone who reads these posts and the other's on the other thread. Yeah, you can go pout in a corner. The OH Saponi's are NOT a Tribe, they are a CLUB!!!! Nothing more

A CLUB!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
They did not show the state documents for saponi, THEY DID NOT GET STATE RECOGNIGTION UNDER THE NAME SAPONI.

Timmy, where is the documents.

Unless you can find at least one document, you are showing nothing you saycan be trusted. If you say one group is real and claim the other is fake, then prove it or shut up. Where is at least one document. Those 3 Saponi groups could not find a single document, so I fin dit hard that you will be able to also LOL

Where is the document....even one.
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