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Originally Posted by yaahl View Post
Since you failed to answer the question I'll dumb it down for you. Do you have any relatives or a branch of your kin that are now federally enrolled? A simple yes or no will suffice.

As for your tattooing experience - you still should not speak of things you know nothing about. Are you Haida now? Stealing and copying designs that do not belong to you, your family, your clan or your house does not make you an expert. It makes you a culture vulture.
So now your saying anyone who gets a tattoo is haida lol
Actually Tattooing started in other countries before America, america actually aquired Tattooing much later than the rest of the world. The first tattoo was actually started in caveman times thru a burnt stick in a fire poking the human skin.

As for federally enrolled, this has been answered plenty of times, This is not canada and this is not mexico, this is the USA, only just a handful of tribes is federal, most of the federal tribes are all out west, mainly because they was being contacted much later. Another big reason there is barely anyfederal tribes on the east coast is because their land treaties was with England, the usa people fought and broke free from england thus it pretty much voided all land treaties these east coast tribes had. Only the ones who made land treaties with the non england ran government was able to aquire federal recognigtion. The oldest reservation in america is the Pamunkey who to this day live on that reservation yet they are only state recognized.

There is only one tribe in Nother carolina that is federal, none in Virginia, none in Georgia, none in Ohio, I think only one in South Carolina (the catawba), Alabama has one that I know of, it is like this all up the east coast in the USA. Some has aquired state recognigtion but all that really says is your a "heritage group" and legally you can't even sell art and crafts etc saying is was indian made. You can be full blood indian and still not be able to be recognized as indian if you came from a tribe that did a land treaty with england. So pretty much all the first tribes contacted lost right to their heritage and culture and even their race simply because the White and black citizens of the USA broke free from England. Our government refuses to acknowledge us for that fact. Which is why I among many others want to push for a seperate recognigtion for the non recognized native descendants so that we can still freely continue our heritage and culture. The federal groups are allowed to continue representing their tribes and ancestors so we should have that same right. Whats crazy is they actually used us to fight england to get that freedom they have. If it was not for us East coast tribes then england would still own the land here. But how do they repay us? By stealing our heritage and trying to get us to disown our ancestors. This is supposed to be the land of the free yet it is not for East coast native descendants.

People from other countries are allowed to come here and do their festivals, sel their art and crafts, allowed to freely represent all these other countries, but when it comes to us, nope we can't and we are the people originally here. This is my basis behind wanting to unite all non recognized descendants into one voice so that one day there will be a different recognigtion for us. We don't want land, do not want money, we just want the freedom or our heritage and culture without people harassing.
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