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Originally Posted by Josiah View Post
Passes? Court Documents?
Are you trying to say that Cherokees in the 1700's would go to Courts and get Passes to travel to New Jersey???

Ummm you know that the United States was not Formed till after 1783
So the 80 years prior to that it was a British Colony right?
And during that time we were an Ally of the British Crown



Oh really?

Executive Journals, Council of Colonial Virginia
June 24 1692
Gov' that Indians goeing in great Numbers from place to place at
the heads of the Rivers without passes often times when they are Scene Occasions a Supposition that they are Enemyes and thereby causes disturbance.

Thats one of many examples,

Here is one that goes into more detail,

I Believe the date below is 14th Sept 1722

Found in Executive Journals, Council of Colonial Virginia
Vol 4. Page 673

-- PRESENT His Excellcy Alexander Spotswood Esqre Governor of Virginia
Coll Nathaniel Harrison one of His Maty's Council of Virginia
Coll William Robinson a member of the House of Burgesses of Virginia

Commissioners of the Indian Affairs
Coll Peter Schuyler
Hendr Hansen
Peter Van Brugh
John Collins
Ph: Livingston

Sachims & Warriors
Since the Bounds between your Indians & ours are firmly agreed upon tis necessary now to declare the names of the several Nations of Indians which the Government of Virginia engages for, & those are the Nottoways, Meherins, Nanemonds,[1] Pamunkeys, Chichominys, & the Christanna Indians whom you call Todirichroones that we comprehend under the name,[2] the Saponies, Ochineeches, Stenkenocks, Meipontskys & Toteroes, all the forenamed Indians having their present Settlements on the East Side of the high Ridge of Mountains & between the two Great Rivers of Potomack & Roanoke, which you call Kahongaronton & Konentcheneke & on the other hand it is fit at this time that you declare ye names of all those Indians whom you comprehend in the present Treaty & for whose Performance the five Nations will answer

And to mind you of this Proposition I lay down for our ten Nations of Indians ten Guns

I have already told you yt we have made a Law in Virginia to oblige a due performance of yt Article of the Boundaries which you have ratified & it is highly expedient that I now particularly inform you thereof

If any Indians of the aforenamed Nations belonging to Virginia or those whom you declare to be dependent on your five Nations shall hereafter transgress the said Boundaries without having the proper Passeports already mentioned every such Indian is by that Law liable to be put to death or transported & sold for a slave & as the Government of Virginia will not demand satisfaction for whatever you shall do to any of their Indians whom you shall take on the North Side of Potowmack River & on the West Side of the high Ridge of Mountains so your people must not look upon it as any Breach of the Peace & Friendship which Virginia desires to preserve with the five Nations, if that Government shall hang or transport any of your Indians who shall hereafter be taken without a proper Passport on the South Side of the said River & on the east Side of the said Ridge.--

I will not post every single occurance of these passes or all the Cherokee sections with these passes, but yeah indians in north Carolina, Virginia, and Tribulatories of New York's government needed passes to travel north.

Here is another example of Native people of North Carolina needing to apply for passes to trvel around North Carolina.

--April 19 1755:
Abstracts of the Minutes of the
Court of Pleas and Quarter
Sessions Rowan County,
North Carolina 1753-1762
II:72 19 April 1755
Esquires present: Jas Carter, Jno Handby, Alexr Osburn & Thos Potts. Whereas John Auston a Saponia Indian and Mary a Susquhanah Indian and Thos a Cattaaba applied for a pass to the Cataba Nation being now on their Journey to conclude a Genl Peace with ye Catabas in behalf of the Sd Nation and also presented 3 Belts of Wampum to Sd Court by which the sd Treaty is to be concluded.--

So I guess you did not know about how we had to travel in the 1600-1700's?

Still wish to keep saying I don't know crap about our histories? so keep making those insults, but it is not working in your favor.

Point made, Case closed.
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