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Originally Posted by timmy tiger View Post
LMAO--jealous, not even. You had blonde hair a few years ago when I saw your picture and so did your mom You were on here before remember trying to say how you and your mom look NDN. I can't remember if you posted the pic here or if I saw it on one of the other forums you used to be on. Might have been NDNs dot com. Can't really remember, but I sure could find out if I had to, but not really worth it. Just remember what you look like. And NO I'm not blonde at all. My hair is all natural.

No not mad at all, found them on all 3 census. Tomas (he went by Thomas J. Teal) married Ozie about 1906, they were living in Paulding County in 1910, 1920 and 1930. Sudie was born about 1909, according to the 1910 census. And the whole family was listed as "White" on all three census' including Ozie, still don't have her maiden name for sure, yet. You say Petty. Might be. But have where his parents are buried and other stuff. Will get back to you on the rest. But for 30 years, federally, they claimed to be "White". Yeah, okay sure whatever you say.LOL

1900 United States Federal Census
about James R Petty Name: James R Petty
Home in 1900: Humphrey, Paulding, Georgia
[Weddington, Paulding, Georgia]
Age: 37
Birth Date: Mar 1863
Birthplace: Georgia
Race: White
Gender: Male
Relationship to Head of House: Head
Father's Birthplace: South Carolina
Mother's Birthplace: Georgia
Marital Status: Widowed
Occupation: View on Image
Neighbors: View others on page
Household Members: Name Age
James R Petty 37
James P Petty 14
Quiller D Petty 11
Ozella B Petty 9
Bula O Petty 7

1870 United States Federal Census
about James Petty Name: James Petty
Birth Year: abt 1863
Age in 1870: 7
Birthplace: Georgia
Home in 1870: Winphrey and Wedingtons District, Paulding, Georgia
Race: White
Gender: Male
Value of real estate: View image
Post Office: Roxanna
Household Members: Name Age
Cynthy Petty 38
Martin Petty 9
James Petty 7

Name: Redwine Petty
Birth: abt 1863 - Georgia
Residence: 1880 - Cains, Paulding, Georgia

Name: James M. T. Petty
Residence: 1860 - township, Coweta County, GA

1870 United States Federal Census
about Cynthy Petty Name: Cynthy Petty
Birth Year: abt 1832
Age in 1870: 38
Birthplace: Georgia
Home in 1870: Winphrey and Wedingtons District, Paulding, Georgia
Race: White
Gender: Female
Value of real estate: View image
Post Office: Roxanna
Household Members: Name Age
Cynthy Petty 38
Martin Petty 9
James Petty 7

View Image
PreviewName: S C N Redwine
Age: 11
Birth Year: abt 1839
Birthplace: Georgia
Home in 1850: District 10, Campbell, Georgia
Gender: Female

There's more to seeA picture of the original documentView
RecordAnd things likeFamily Number Household Members
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Name: S C N Redwine
Birth: abt 1839 - location
Residence: 1850 - city, Campbell, Georgia

Thats Sintha/Sinthe Petty, She is not a real redwine...the readwine aka readwin aka read family took her in. You'll also find her in census records with the names, cinthey, cynthy, scintha, sinthey.

Name: Jno Redwine
[John Redwine]
Birth: abt 1790 - location
Residence: 1850 - city, Campbell, Georgia

Name: Levina Redwine
Birth: abt 1823 - location
Residence: 1850 - city, Campbell, Georgia

Campbell County, Georgia was a county of the U.S. state of Georgia from 1828 to 1931. It was created by the state legislature on December 20, 1828 from land taken from Fayette, Coweta, and Carroll counties, and from the half of DeKalb County which became Fulton County soon afterward.

25 | 92 92 | Jno. Redwine | 60 M | Far 1,000 | NC | | R350 |
26 | 92 92 | Lovina A. Redwine | 27 F | | Ga. | | R350 |
27 | 92 92 | Adaline E. Redwine | 21 F | | Ga. | | R350 |
28 | 92 92 | Susan R. Redwine | 16 F | | Ga. | | R350 |
29 | 92 92 | S. C. N. Redwine | 11 F | | Ga. | X | R350 |
30 | 92 92 | Theodorus Shaw | 19 M | Far | Ga. | X | S000 |
31 | 92 92 | Franklin Shaw | 16 M | Far | Ga. | X | S000 |

Even the Redwine family did not know the Sinthe's name so they just wrote it as S.C.N, The census man never seen Scintha either and they gave a fake age for her.

John there is John Mashburn Redwine, His father Jacob moved him to elbert, Ga in 1795. They moved to coweta county Ga and lived on "Cedar creek". John got married in 1812 in Franklin county, Ga.

In the war with Britain in 1814, John Marshburn Redwine served as a private
in Captain Joseph Whorton's company in the Jackson County, Georgia Militia.
His service is listed as January 5 - February 15, 1814.

In Deeds of Franklin County, Georgia, 1784-1826,"DEED dated Franklin Co.,
4 Nov. 1817, rec. 4 Aug. 1824, from William Hall of afore said to JOHN
REDWINE of same. In cons. of $25, conveys 71 ac. in
Franklin Co. on north side of Rice Crk., adj. John Groover and said Hall.
Wit: Joshua Hearne, Andrew Shelnut. Sworn to by Hearne before Richard C.
Bond, J.P. 1 Sept. 1821.

the Index to the 1820 Georgia census has John
Redwine living in Madison County.

In 1830, John Redwine is living in Coweta County, Georgia. he died there in
the city of Palmetto on November 25, 1841

1850 campbell georgia deaths (coweta/carroll county)
Elizabeth and andrew redwine, race..Black.

Elizabeth readwine born in Georgia, age...57, thats the year 1793.

Funny how their race is listed 2 different races depending on the document lol.

So kinda blows your theory on census records give the actual race huh lol

Some interesting information about the creeks in coweta and villa rica, ga in the 1820's and 1830's.

Where the name Senoia came from is difficult to determine. There are four main variations to the origins of the name Senoia. They are listed below in the order of their likelihood as the source for the name Senoia.
(1) Senoya He-ne-ha was the wife of Captain William McIntosh. Their son, also named William McIntosh was both a General in the army and a chief in his band of Creek Indians. Senoya was a member of the prestigious Wind Clan of the Creek Indians. This is what established the idea of "Princess Senoia."

(2) From an edition of a one-time Senoia paper, the Enterprise-Gazette, comes this quotation concerning the naming of the town: "John Williams suggested the name Senoia for an Indian Chief of that name, a medicine man and philanthropist, noble, brave, and generous, who lived near the present location of Sargent.

(3) Another newspaper account in 1873 held that Colonel William C. Barnes came up with the name in honor of a clever Indian who formerly resided in the community.

(4) Others say that Senoia comes from an Indian word for the title of Chief William McIntosh, Shenoywa.

Early Villa Rica had a Wild West atmosphere complete with Indians, horse thieves, and vigilante justice. The Creek Indian village was located on Sweetwater Creek east of town. They were hunters, not warriors, and were friendly toward the white settlers eventually taking on work amongst the settlers. Townspeople were invited to Creek celebrations including a three day festival held each autumn with lots of food and activities. At some point later in the 1830s, the Creeks moved to either Arkansas or Oklahoma but local records are unclear whether or not this was by choice or part of the Trail of Tears.

Mary Talley Anderson (1976), The History of Villa Rica (City of Gold), Privately Published.,_Georgia

The Coweta Tribe
In 1797 Hawkins gives the names of five traders, Thomas Marshall, John Tarvin, James Darouzeaux, Hardy Read, and Christian Russel, the last a Silesian.

Birth : ABT 1755 Spanalggee, Creek Nation-East
Gender: Female
Grierson, Robert
Birth : ABT 1740 Scotland
Gender: Male
Father: Grierson, Robert Sir

McIntosh, William "Tuslunnugagee Hutkee" Chief/Brigadier General
Birth : ABT 1775 Ka****a, Creek Nation-East
Death : 30 APR 1825 Acrorn Bluff, Creek Nation-East (Georgia)
Gender: Male
Father: McIntosh, William Captain
Mother: Henneha, Senoya

Marriage: ABT 1800 in Creek Nation-East
Grierson, Eliza
Birth : ABT 1780 Creek Nation-East
Gender: Female
Father: Grierson, Robert
Mother: Sinoegee,

McIntosh, Jane "Ahkohkee"
McIntosh, Chillicothe "Chilly"
McIntosh, Catherine
McIntosh, Lewis
McIntosh, Sarah

Marriage: ABT 1811 in Creek Nation-East
Coe, Susannah
Birth : ABT 1777 Creek Nation-East
Gender: Female

McIntosh, Rebecca
McIntosh, Delilah
McIntosh, Catherine "Kate"
McIntosh, Daniel Newman

Marriage: ABT 1825 in Creek Nation-East
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