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Originally Posted by Joe's Dad View Post
Now hold on there, cowgirl! I happen to know the two fine men you are quoting here. I can undeniably vouch for the two finest, honestest, sincerest, upstandingest specimens ever put on the face of this Mother Earth. I can tell you exactly what these young gentlemen were referring to.

If you've ever seen old coffee that has been sitting for a long time, you will know that a fungus starts to develop on top of the coffee, whether it be in a cup (which is an entirely different subject altogether and c-mom will chastise you about that)or pot (not to be confused with the goot kind!). The longer the coffee sits, the FUZZIER it gets. We also know the longer coffee sits, the harsher tasting it gets. We've all said, "It was so strong, I had to chew on it". If the old coffee sits long enough, the fungus, or FUZZ, will cover the entire top. Thus, Having to PULL THE TOP LAYER OFF. I'm sure these outstanding citizens of the community were talking about these qualities of coffee.

Now that we have cleared all this up, trouble...what were you talking about?

Note: Not once while I was describing old coffee, was I thinking of Apache Fire! hahahaaa
Why thank you Mr. Joe's Dad, for clearing up that horrible grotesque misunderstanding of mine and Soppa's fine integrity. Here have some green, and I don't mean the fungus.

@trouble tisk tisk tisk, for shame young lady.
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