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1. Be DIRECT: If you want me to take out the garbage, ask me to take it out, don't tell me some long drawn out story about the Suzy and her old man's issues that goes on and on and on, In hopes that I'll pick up . Hint, we aint gonna pick up on it. You constantly call us stupid and dumb, so then speak to us like we are. "Honey will you take out the garbage"? DONE!

2.If I ask what is wrong and you say, "Nothing" Don't sit over there sighing expecting me to ask again.

3. If you have so much crap you need to carry around it has to go in a purse, then carry your purse EVERYWHERE, that includes the house. Don;t ask for my keys because you have to go search through that black hole you call a purse, all because you can't and/or won't just stick your keys in a pocket.


1. Women are NOT an equal match. If you feel you need to hit someone, please feel free to find someone twice your size. Don't be a F*%&ING Coward and a P#$$&. If you can't find someone twice your size, by all means contact me, I'm sure I can accommodate.

2. Doing a load or two of dishes can go a LONG way, as many dishes as you can....

3. Going downtown, will bring both of you GREATER amounts of pleasure than you can imagine, so bring a glass of water and plan on staying awhile
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