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Holy Barren Wasteland Batman, no one's online line except for

@davebdavis, @dypeliegree, @Eagle Plumes+, @eahamm, @GoggenGH, @Iowa_Boy, @james21, @Josiah, @jpeterson3771, @Migiziwomen+, @Mr Pics, @NancyJo, @RDNKJ+, @remintexi, @safaa sobhy, @soopashinaab+, @wanjica_the_one
Morning ALL!

And the birthers, oops, that's birthdayer's

@Panther Eyes, @tcat, @KeetersCAT, @eveningstar, @PantherEyes, @native_honey03, @Anacaona MACG, @silver_moon_wolf, @Tsonsakwa, @growingtree (65), @bpfree01 (57), @wayah svnoi (51), @shania (49), @darkhawk (47), @shandoah (47), @blackfeather67 (45), @bulljunes2003 (43), @CoryJCardinal (42), @threexshy (42), @Tepid_Bobcat (41), @unule (39), @ndnfeather (38), @negunee (37), @rantboy30 (36), @dvrr2003 (35), @shinedown (34), @bagless42 (34), @NorthernWeapon (32), @jr_ross (31), @Quillworker (30), @an_apache_83 (29), @apache_chris_83 (29), @BIG_APACHE (29), @UteChick (28), @pretty_feather_4u (27), @sparkles_in_eyes (21)

My Friends
@APACHEFIRE @Chevy_truckin_NDN @comadre @cris_neva @Eagle Plumes @FluteMaker @Grits & Beans @KewlMohawkGirl @MaileenasDad @Migiziwomen @Ndnsoldierboy @RDNKJ @Scabbraidz @soopashinaab @storyteller @Ta'neeszahnii Techno @tayoonee @timmy tiger @Toolbox @trouble @yaahl

For the peekers
@APACHEFIRE+ @comadre+ @Eagle Plumes+ @lakota wayne @Migiziwomen+ @rodond @trouble+ @ugidali @wanjica_the_one @yaahl+

And why they heck not mention the folks who's peeking in on some of my friends.

@Ndnsoldierboy peekers
@Chevy_truckin_NDN+ @creditgamer @tsiava

@yaahl peekers
@alamosaurus @GoggenGH @Stands Alone @Suzizila

@Migiziwomen peekers
@2lineCarrandMorgan @ambient_techno @Josiah @punkie ray @Stands Alone
and a VERY special good morning to @Migiziwomen mini, I mean have you seen this little cutie? Good morning sweetie!

Did I miss anyone?
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