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Originally Posted by Toolbox View Post
Anti-capitalist and consumerist to the point that they buy Fender guiatrs, Marshall amps and all the recording equipment and software to make their music and drive their brand named van to gigs and get paid for it.... Funny. Makes them even more "hipplets".
Yeah... I have a problem with that, too, and even now, I'm questioning my own involvement with that. I unsubscribed from both of my drumming magazines that I get in the mail because I am put off by exactly what you stated about their lifestyle and the increasingly Christian views I'm seeing from the Jazz Snobs, and I have found a way out of western music, but I'm just now learning it.

I might even go so far as to ask, "What moral right does the United States of America have to exist, since it was based on theft of everything from the Native Americans?" I'm considering opening another thread about money that discusses the very weak link in the white world and what this might mean for Natives trying to reclaim the continent once a president signs the same document that Gorbachev signed, ending the USSR. It brings up all kinds of questions about the survival of "former federally-recognized tribes" - do they then become "state-recognized tribes," or is it everyone for themselves when American rule of law no longer exist at the federal level?

But, please keep in mind that these bandmates might be willing to support the Native American cause once they realize it's over and the opportunity arises to end it and return us back to a sane, sustainable way of life.

If ANYTHING, all whites need to be taught the native ways of living in order to prevent the possibility of us losing Earth entirely and ending up like Mars or the moon. Things wouldn't be so bad if whites had never lost their European Tribal ways and stayed close to home.

this is what we are faced with, RIGHT NOW. Perhaps, I should consider some sort of "Native European" program to help them deculturate as modern Christians and revert back to pre-Christian Tribal ways, hopefully with some modifications.
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