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Originally Posted by rezrazed View Post
Pardon me for saying so but this just sounds very unrealistic.

Fine... Just watch... Hopefully, we won't live to see the horrors coming to us.

Yes, I would have similar issues if other beliefs had taken power in alternate universes with the same consequences of war, pestilence, and diseases. However, Christianity takes the cake in the abuses that have occurred in the 2000 years. Native Americans are just among some of the more recent victims of it in its push to make this world a Christian world. Tribal Europeans were its victims 1,000-1,500 years before. The trouble I have is, people on the street come to me to try to convert me, saying "Well, the bible says..." NOBODY ELSE does this in my area. It is ALWAYS a Christian of some sort. AND, I was told by somebody in my company, which is in my store a Christian stronghold, a place where a lot of people are hired through references at church. This lady is from California, so when she first came to work with us, she was questioned about her long-term relationship with her boyfriend, like, "Why aren't you married?" She'd never really had someone question her back in California. I've never had a muslim, a hindu, or some other person ask me that. She recognizes that people here in Texas are more traditional as Christians, and they are very pushy about it. Fortunately for her, she has gotten a promotion that takes her back to California. I've had another coworker do the same thing to me, only we were discussing something very personal. She said, "I'd like you to come to our church, just to see the community of love. Just see what we do there." She REALLY tried to sneak her way in, and IMMEDIATELY, my guard went up. She has not talked to me in email since... People of other faiths, or non-Christians, are much better behaved than this, at least on the surface, BECAUSE they understand what people who push religion look like to them and how it makes them feel.

You need to read more carefully what I wrote, and I'll explain more carefully in the future. I first lived in a household where my Mom did not push me to be Christian once they realized I wasn't getting it (before they found out I was deaf). After my parents found out, it was "hands off" with me. Mom and Dad never did try to push me, even as Mom took me to church on the weekends she visited me. She was originally Quaker and really questioning her beliefs when I was 9-13 years old, so one year, she was Prebyterian, another year, she tried Catholicism until she heard the claim from a priest that "We are all such bad people, we don't deserve anything." Mom let a lot of that go in the last 20 years of her life and became content in life once she stopped questioning things, trying to make religion so important, and just accepted herself as a human being. Mom may have reverted back to Quaker in the days before she died, but she didn't say anything and didn't indicate that she was about to go (died the day after I talked to her over the phone), so I don't know that for a fact.

And in case you you think I have Hollywood visions of Native Americans, I'll set you straight. I've read that when the whites came here, NAs were found to be warring with each other, as you would have found in Tribal Europe before the Roman conquests came about. There were things that Cherokees had supposedly done to prisoners of war. I have to accept that there are things that I don't like about what they did to some people or some aspects of the traditional, pre-Contact beliefs, but those are the facts, and I have to accept that. The good with the bad. To live closer to the earth is hard, as you don't have AC, you don't have credit to buy tools you don't have, etc., so it's not pastoral and easy like people have it today.
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