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I changed users because I realized I screwed up on the login name, and I would not remember to login incorrectly, so I asked one of the web masters to delete the first account so I don't get double email notifications.

As for the history you quoted, I assumed you knew that.

"So then I ask are all NDN's drunk, wife beating, deadbeat lowlifes because one might be?" I don't know where you got that idea. Of course, I know that not all Christians are like that, but they do make the ones who really mind their own business look back. They make my cousins and Aunt/Uncle look bad because they respect my need to be a cavewoman in my own way and have not tried to say, "You have to go to church. You're going to hell if you don't!!" They realize that everyone comes into their worlds as social beings from their own origins, of where they were in the early part of life.

"Maybe he is talking about the theory in theoretical physics of parallel universes (multiverse)... LOL." I have NO idea if that's possible, and I hope not. Imagine being about to commit a crime, and then jumping from one universe to another to escape punishment.

"That wasn't the question, go back and read it again please. And ...Alternate Universe? PLEASE don't tell me you are gonna starting spitting out words like Illuminati, Synergy and paradigm?"

That WAS the question, because if wiccannism had the same history of crusades and killing and wiping out cultures, I would have issues with it. Of allying yourself with a culture that has a bloody history. The fact is, Christianity is continuing to spread, wiping out unique cultures and at the least, altering them to the point that my ancestors had largely forgotten their pre-Contact ways by 1880. One of the reasons we know as much as we do about the Cherokees is because it was written down somewhere, along with people who hid out and continued as much of the pre-Contact traditions as they could. If you read this book here, you'll see what had happened to the Cherokees.

Click on the left arrow repeatedly above the yellow bar to start from the very beginning.

"If you are referring to the fact that more wars have been fought or started in the "name of god" true! but I would hardly call those folks Christian. I mean, is Hilter really a good example of Christ? Did he REALLY love his brother? I think not." So, the question becomes, "Who is really the Christian in this hypothetical group of 1,000 people standing around me, say at 11:30 on February 23, 2012?" Is it those who say that LGBT is an abomination of people who should not exist, or is it those who say that these people are an intentional creation of the Apportioner, along with everyone else?" I think the Christian that is in power of a particular sect, denomination, or splinter group is one who belongs to the largest group of Christians that think alike. Look at what happened when the Puritan Parliament came to power - Christmas was banned, and in Colonial America, Christmas was banned by similar people in 1659. If you brought a Puritan from the past and brought him here to observe what happens at Christmas time, explain the technology, and then asked him, "Do you believe these people are true Christians?" He would probably say no. The question I have is, is there a record of particular Christian denominations having changed position on various things 200-400 years apart? One of these is the inclusion of openly LGBT people in the congregations today. If you went back in time and asked them 300 years ago (if the denomination was in existence by then), would they have accepted LGBT people? If not, would that mean if the people from 300 years ago were brought to the future of the church they were in, would they then kick out the current Christians for supporting LGBT rights? Does that mean in the eyes of centuries ago, today's people are not Christians?

What I see happening is that there is this sometimes imperceptible, gradual change in what makes a Christian a Christian, and it appears to be weakening in places, little by little.
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