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why is there no....

well i guess im gonna be controversial right outta the goes
i am non-tribally affiliated choctaw by way of the folsom family
my ggg aunt emeline folsom robinson was 'registered' while her sister, my ggg grandmother, malinda folsom dean was not...for some unremembered reason, she chose to live 'white', marrying robert dean, having several children including my great great grandmother, go to oregon and live her life...
my question is, why, are we who are native, yet not 'official' still to an extent still shunned by those who are 'official'...i have found the cherokees to be particularly susceptible to this behavior...never were welcoming or willing to help me in family genealogy research
however...thank the creator for the choctaw nation...they have welcomed me with open arms, not demanding 'enrollment', blood quantum, etc...etc...etc...
i have never before come across such a sense of equality and welcome-ness
but, i digress....i simply cannot wrap my mind around the behavior behind all the nations who basically do not want to accept all we 'outsiders'...i dont know if it is because we somehow threaten their position with the federal govt, or their
'tribal' status, or what...
does the leadership of these various nations realize the manpower they would add to their political power base by welcoming us all back???
maybe i am just naeve, would like the opinions of others on this to clear the cobwebs of mis understanding...
yakoke....chahta nan chumpa
chahta nan chumpa...the choctaw trader
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