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Originally Posted by reocurringdream View Post
I agree with muskrat_skull...

Difference is I am not frightened, but the misinformation being spread in favor of the white race is ridiculous and offensive. When will people realize that the white ppl's complex is costing us all from knowing each other and ourselves. Over the last 1800 years, Asia ruled for 1500 of it and in the last 300 years the white man's goal has been to subjugate the indigenous all over the world; sending missionaries, business, then military. All the while burning their history, and killing is their method. Does that sound "godly"/"divine"?

Their God, Jesus, was nothing but a Buddhist monk, a man. Even gunpowder was from China - the source of their power. The Bible itself is proven to not be divine but manipulated, evidenced through over 40 versions, not translations, but versions. Do you think God made 40 mistakes on one book, adding and taking out, couldn't make up his mind? Egyptians and Sumerians were also of Native/Asian blood but I doubt you will find anything in English that will testify to this. We are being cutoff from our 1000's upon 1000's of yrs history, and the white man tells you something and you believe it. Don't you know what the white man did to you? Do you think they tried anything less elsewhere? Where is your sense of Truth? Open your mind, learn about other cultures, read about the ancients, and you will find the white man is insignificant in the rising of civilization. The clothing they wear is from Asia, the religions they worship are from Asia, their science is from Asia, etc... When will ppl realize the white man just had the gun to kill ppl with, and I shouldn't forget disease on them that killed ppl. Now, there are good and bad ppl everywhere but quit trying to justify death and destruction as something more than having greater gun power. I mean, what sounds more "divine/godly"?...Warring for hundreds of years to gain their world power, or gaining world power in just over a decade without war. Now I don't think Chinese ppl think they are divine, since they are communist, and I certainly don't think white ppl display anything divine/godly to this day and that includes their fake religion, Christianity. Look up Amhed Deedat on youtube, and he'll show you about the god these so-called blood of the gods worship. Actually, alot of ppl say the royals worship the devil in fact. But whatever they worship you won't find anything about the white race that is divine/godly. In fact, they are not included or insignificant in all of the religions of the world. Everything from them is borrowed, even the land; hence their complex. What you call the blood of the royal families, we call INCEST.

Its good to see ppl like muskrat_skull display the sense of Truth. BTW, if you haven't noticed the writing is on the wall, the 300 years of the white man are coming to an end. The white man's only choice to cling to power is to commit WWIII, showing their evil face once again as some ppl have seemed to forget what they have done in the past and seem used to what they are doing in the present.

When faced with Truth, they first ignore you, then laugh at you, then fight you, then you are victorious.-- Mohatma Gandhi

Don't relax, but be a Truth-seeker and fight. Victory will come sooner. Its good to see we still have ppl like muscrat_skull continue the tradition of Truth-seeker.

Victory to you brothers and sisters. Native/Asian bloodline and unity is the path to a new world harmony!

BTW, I am blood type O, not sure about being positive or negative however.
I believe nothing unless I have prove of it and it's just some information and not about gods or not gods, but it's a funny thought that that all humans no matter of color and race that are having a RH negative blood type are considered aliens because scientist cannot explain the origin of that happening as of 85% of the worlds population do have the RH positive factor in their blood. So leave me alone with gods and nazis and all that crap. Nothing was meant in favor of white men, it was just tested that most people with RH negativ blood live in Spain. So?
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