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Originally Posted by muskrat_skull View Post
I wanted to start a thread about the ndn-ness of things in life, science, thought, whatever. I was thinking about genetics and that we are all made up of little cells, like seedbeads, and that what makes us unique are when the cells don't replicate into exact copies, they are slightly different, like the odd bead or imperfection, the medicine.

I was just interested if anyone else gets stuck in thought holes like this or if I've been beading too much lately. It just seems that the more we learn about the world and life, the more truth we find in native teachings.

I like the patterns in things. And maybe ought to quit eating mushrooms that grow in the yard.
It may not fit in here - but all I got to know about men that are not ndn is they are honest when it is a painfull thing -
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