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Originally Posted by Elo Janis View Post
This whole thing is just too incredibly stupid to deal with. I have better use for my time than to have to defend myself against ridiculously insecure and negative people.
While I am sure there are nice, positive and genuinely sincere people amongst this community...I've pmed with a few of them, it only takes one or two nasty and negative person to ruin it for the rest of the group.
After much thought I have decided not to post here any longer. I will come back to the site for the music portion of, but other than that I have no desire to be a part of this nonsensical posting and judging of others that no one has the right to do.
This is merely a place to post opinions and share/exchange ideas yet many are treating it as though it were a life or death battle to the end using mean and negative comments as the ammunition.
Thanks to those who extended hospitality and kindness and to the ones who made such a spectacle over nothing...I have no words for you.
You know, I came on here with the idea that we all share a common background and the thought that it is our responsibility to carry on the pride of having the culture and heritage of our ancestors. That we would all be more understanding and kind to each other...obviously that is not the case.
I just want to make it perfectly clear that I had no intention of being a nasty and combative person whatsoever. The things I asked about and commented on were all done in an innocent manner. I do not sit in front of my computer thinking, well if I post this it will get this person upset or if I comment on this thread I am only doing it to cause controversy. What can I say that will cause friction on the forum and get others to become involved in a battle of words?
I really did not have those thoughts at all.
Recently I had a life changing event in my life that changed my outlook drastically. The heart attack I endured and the subsequent installation of a pacemaker cause me to look at things in a totally different light. I now seem to realize things that are important in my life and those things that are not.
I am seeking to create only positive situations for myself. As it is now, posting here is not a positive thing for me to be engaged in. When I found the music here I felt so good and in a strange way kind of 'repaired'. It is hard to put into words that which I am feeling so I would do best to leave it at that.
I have no problems with anyone on this site at all. I am sorry if you took my comments and read nothing but negativity from them. That was not my intention whatsoever. NEVER.
Good luck to all and I hope that all of you find time in your lives to enjoy even the smallest of things that the Great Spirit puts in front of us. I also hope that you are able to help to minimalize the negativity that is all around us and that you can contribute nothing but positivity which is needed to keep our culture and heritage pure.
While many in the past have sought to destroy us with their actions and to cause our way of life to cease to exist, we have always remained strong and stayed true to our culture. That culture requires us to be united and to never discount anyone's progress or place in life. Don't be tempted in any way to join our oppressors and try your best to treat each other with the respect and dignity we all deserve.
Peace to all and I hope you each enjoy everything that the Great Spirit offers to us. Be kind to each other as we have only ourselves to keep our heritage alive.
I am sorry to read about you having had a heart attack. I cannot imagine how terrible such an experience must be. I feel with you as good as possible. And that goes for everyone. Nobody should have to suffer. Nevertheless these things happen, that's part of life. Everybody has go through pains, some are moderate, some are severe. I know - nobody is immune to experiences pains - beginning with birth. But then, shouldn't people concentrate on the good things in life - how small they may appear - for the individual person? If your life is heavy to cope - still - try to find something good in it. This thread turned out to be a vivid discussion about different single opionions and beliefs. That's okay but we shouldn't let the unpleasant words sink in to our substance of beingness, that's hard to do. It's hard not to take things personal when they aren't pleasing. Always easy to take compliments. I still think, everybody has the right to say things in their own ways - the freedom and right of free speech.

Pleasing words aren't always true and truth isn't always pleasing.

Elo Janis, I wouldn't like to see you go - so just take a heart and stay. When quotes are getting hard on you. There may be a reason for that. Perhaps it's a good thing to view what's been said from different angles. Mind's flexibilty. Everyone has their own ways and beliefs and if they feel right to this person, okay, but learning to accept that other people think in different ways and let them have their point of view without letting it affect you in a painful way is something to be learned. Pursuading people having to see things in the same manner as one self will often not work. So try not to take things too personal if they tend to be painful, even if they are directly addressed to you. Everbody has a different upbringing and can only be as one can be (if they are honest and not wearing some kind of mask). Wearing a mask and pretending often is - maybe unconsiously - just for protection. Okay, I intended to write more but I got to go and hope you will stay anyway Elo Janis. - Spiritflight -
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