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Originally Posted by Fang View Post
Living away from my tribe certainly poses some challenges in the learning/relearning process. I can only imagine how hard it is for you, living so far away across the pond. But it's always a pleasure to meet others! Are you Lakota as well, or just studying the language and heritage?

I have a little secret to doing certain letters such as ŋ and accent marks... I downloaded various keyboards and languages, so I can switch over between a typical english/usa keyboard, and other language keyboards for typing purposes. Or if on a different computer, type in Word first and use symbols and characters.
Ah yes, thank you. Muskrat_skull gave me a link to a very useful forum where one can download a Lakota keyboard (although thing's far too complicated for me, it'll take a while :P)

And I won't go so far as to say that I am Lakota. I don't rightly know my family ancestry besides a few "stories", so I think I will just call myself an enthusiast. ;) Yes, Iceland I'm sure has little to no American Indians, let alone Lakota, so I will be self-taught for now. I just hope I don't get a skewed accent when speaking Lakota and come off as a big idiot! :P

Did you know Lakota in childhood then? It is such a beautiful language and culture, it would be a shame to lose it, so I am very glad that you are reconnecting with your heritage. :)
I remember being in New Mexico and most of the Navajo children I knew had little interest in learning their language, and it's a story that can be applied to most aboriginal cultures. It's just so sad.

But anyway, I am very glad to meet you and Muskrat_skull (and any other members!) and I can't wait to take this journey with you. :)
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