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Originally Posted by navajo man 56 View Post
I don't know if its my place to say this and i'm sorry if anyone is offended. That being said i feel i should say it.

we were once a great nation of Proud, self reliant, and strong people, but now it seems that we are not that way anymore. We survive by getting help from the government that betrayed us so many times. We partake of a substance that out once great enemy brought to us. Our country that once was ours is now taken from us, the land we call our mother is taken and abused by these foreign invaders. Our country that we used to run is now run by the people who came and wiped our ancestors. Our land taken from us and we are forced to the so called fairness of reservations. We watch all this happening and seem to do nothing about it. Our people don't do anything, but we say that we need to change, we say we are still here. Look at the way society sees us. People think we are dead, gone, extinct. Those who know we are still around think of us as an inferior people, drunks, and homeless beggars. There are people who realize this, but i don't think there is enough. What are we going to do about it?
This should continue - I believe

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