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We have lost our vision of the path. We are a nation of ignorance. We submitted many winters ago, to fit in, maybe? We have tried to fit in with them, while they were led into becoming docile, compliant, and ignorant. Whether or not we poison Mother Earth by running our cars or lighting our homes, or if we poison our souls with the filth from t.v. or society, we have become a nation of one. You may try to send the illegal border crossers back, and they are as likely to go back as they did back in the year 1492.
It is not a matter of "Red" state or "Blue" state, they're the ones wanting people compliant as they were at Wounded Knee in the winter of 1892. "Give up your guns, it will be okay, and better for you.", "the government will take care of you," sounds as familiar as the things they say today. We can be very smart, and still be very ignorant. Why?, because we rush to the t.v. to hear news of celebrities, or other useless television shows, play games, and many other things which we could all list. You cannot even rely on what is called t.v. news, because they will lead your mind into a path which is drawn out for some other purpose besides knowing the truth. They want you to believe a certain way. That is how we lose our path. Maybe that is how it was many winters ago. The lost ones' numbers begin to grow until they seem to be the majority. It then becomes the "normal." The spirits speak to us and we can see that this is in no way how it should be. Many times we just wait for someone else to come along and make a change instead of taking the first steps into the right path ourselves.
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