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Originally Posted by navajo man 56 View Post
I don't know if its my place to say this and i'm sorry if anyone is offended. That being said i feel i should say it.

we were once a great nation of Proud, self reliant, and strong people, but now it seems that we are not that way anymore. We survive by getting help from the government that betrayed us so many times. We partake of a substance that out once great enemy brought to us. Our country that once was ours is now taken from us, the land we call our mother is taken and abused by these foreign invaders. Our country that we used to run is now run by the people who came and wiped our ancestors. Our land taken from us and we are forced to the so called fairness of reservations. We watch all this happening and seem to do nothing about it. Our people don't do anything, but we say that we need to change, we say we are still here. Look at the way society sees us. People think we are dead, gone, extinct. Those who know we are still around think of us as an inferior people, drunks, and homeless beggars. There are people who realize this, but i don't think there is enough. What are we going to do about it?
I hear you brother/sister. I agree always referring to ppl that killed, raped, and took your land away isn’t the best way, perhaps best de-humanizing way. But I do think its possible to create a better foundation & greater response.

I think re-framing who your ppl are is important -- to move beyond geography. Knowing “where” you come from, but also knowing that our ppl are out there is important too.

Geographical definitions are really just being complicit in the ‘divide and conquer’ technique of the “white” man in my opinion. They used the name of the tribes against each other, always avoiding the possibility that union would spell their defeat, and now they use words like American Indian, Pacific Islanders, Asian, etc… We’ve progressed to the point of recognizing ourselves outside of our tribe, now let’s take it further and recognize “our ppl”, outside of our geography.

What do we call all our ppl? Interestingly, there isn’t a word in English we all identify with. I wonder is there a word in any native language? To me, this is the stupid part of our race. We are the only ppl that are everywhere and yet we are the only ppl that don’t have a common identity. We haven’t wrapped our heads around who we are. I see threads here for example about what to call nDn’s to this day. I saw another thread about whether to include Hawaiians into the native american category. It all misses the point for me. Our skin tones change from being black to white and many colors in between, we have great diversity and commonalities, our cities lay on every continent, every climate, even the ocean floor from Hawaii to Yonaguni, and yet you goto youtube or some site and the vast majority stuff about history is black and white, as if we are strangers of our own lands, our own world. In Corean, we call our ppl DongYi, which translates ppl of the east. The real meaning is ppl of the Sun, or specifically ppl of the rising sun. Interestingly, our ppl change colors according to the sun and food it seems.

Here is a little something to dispel another “white” lie. Do you know what China is called in Chinese? It’s called the “middle kingdom.” You ever look at a map? How is China in the middle if its on the east of the land mass? Ever wonder? Maybe not. Well, its in the middle if you make the connection to the Americas. What we called the Old World back in the day includes the Americas. Do some research and you’ll see the interaction. When did it become the west? Think about it.

Everything tells you we are a common ppl except the “white” man, so I think “white” devotion needs to stop right now if we are ever going to move past their obstacles. Its good to discuss what we call all our ppl, but to argue where we divide our ppl, is just sticking our head in the sand. If I weren’t part of “our ppl”, it would be laughable. How deep the “white” devotion runs. We don’t even think to have a conversation about all ”our ppl”. Instead, its where do we divide our ppl.

Dispelling “white” lies is apart of what can be done. Digging for our own knowledge instead of waiting for the “white” man to fill our heads with their commandments.

In Asia, some defined their ppl by geography, some by bloodlines. Nowadays, their ways are about the same, but the point is the answer lies somewhere beyond this or that. I think its safe to say now, ppl in Asia know “where” they are from but seek their ppl beyond borders. Its common to see Asians together in everyday life where one is Chinese, another Corean, Indian, Phillipino, Thai, Pakistani, etc… Alot of intermarrying goes on, and ppl learn each other’s languages and effectively become part of the social bridge that are creating innumerable benefits to all the nations of Asia and abroad. It wouldn’t be so out of this world to include a native into this picture of brothers and sisters.

I goto Mexico and ppl said the same things about Mayans. They disappeared, they are extinct, but I go there and hang with my Mayan brothers and sisters just fine. I find its a common agreement between us that our ppl were one ppl before. Its part of the adventure for our generation to find our brothers & sisters out there. To be the bridge for “our ppl.” Its about creating and re-establishing our history rather than just being some character in the 'white' man's history. If you exist, make some history, be a bridge for "our ppl.'

Creating connections between “our ppl” is enough to make them topple, and they are teetering even now. I’m guessing “WWIII” is coming because of it. Hopefully our ppl don’t kill each other for their benefit again.

But to address your question, can the answer to “what are we going to do about it?” be this simple. The answer is YES! Our ppl are the majority of the world’s population. If we focus on strengthening our selves and creating union between our ppl, the world will naturally go our way. Its the law of nature over the law of man, progress over stasis. In a world of evil, the “white” man wins, cheating, lying, killing, raping, that’s a prize they’ve earned. But in a world of competition, its looking pretty different. The “white” man stood without competition until about a decade or so ago, and look now how things are changing. Ppl will want to better themselves and ppl will want to progress, so all of this brings the way of the world into our hands sooner or later. The aggressor needs our hearts and mind, put it rather towards your brothers and sisters.

You may just find that your long lost brother & sister still recognizes and welcomes you. Not without effort however i.e. understanding, language, culture, etc. but I think something worth putting alot more endeavor into than the path of “white” devotion. Ironically, it will probably speed the approval of the ‘white‘ man by doing so. Look where black ppl have gotten. Africa & China making connections, cutting out the “white” man in the process, and in a flash, black person becomes president. I’m just saying, if you read between the lines, the dawn of the new age, what I call the New Old World, has alot to do with “our ppl.”

And we may not be one big happy family just yet, with quarrels, conflicts, wars, etc…, but raising our kids to know about the possibility of our togetherness and what that might mean could change the world. Actually, better put, it is changing the world. Its just a small knowledge we need to share in common, and the world evolves differently. So “what are we going to do about it?” How about, let’s do it, change the world with your thought. Make a bridge towards "our ppl."
When I despair, I remember that all through history the ways of truth and love have always won. There have been tyrants, and murderers, and for a time they can seem invincible, but in the end they always fall. Think of it—always.
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