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Are you NDN - or are you not NDN

I opened up this thread just to find out - who is true NDN - and who is just a wannabe or a friend of NDN's or not from NDN heritage. Those who are not NDN - can you truthfully stand up to who you are? Is this a tough question? I know here at is a thread called - introduce yourself. This thread I made for regular visitors or members to make it more clear who you are.

I am german, don't feel german or belonging to any other Country People. I like NDN traditions, I like and admire the NDN People who struggle to find their way back to what they really are. I want to be a friend to NDN's. I know about what happened and still happens. I do not care if NDN's are making fun of me or are racists against White People. NDN's got reason to dislike or even hate them. Who would trust People that are destructive for greed or just the fun of it? NDN's got all the right in the world to dislike what they dislike. Just like other People who dislike being shoved or being fooled and played around with.

I do not ask for things to get to know NDN's wouldn't want to share with me. I cannot answer why I care for NDN's if this is considered care but what I know is, that it's wrong from White People to go to indigenous places and try to destroy their culture and beliefs. It is wrong to force any Religion upon others. It is wrong to want People to Change into what they are not. It is wrong to treat People in a racism way. We all got only this one earth and it does not matter which Color a Person may has... peace can only be if People will know - all People got the same rights to live on this planet and do whatever they can to make it , this mother earth last for future Generations, if People would stop greed and Money collecting for absurd reasons, if People would start to work Hand in Hand do make this one life we all have here the best possible for every living being.

I have spoken - aho - naw - that sounds silly - I am not NDN.

I am not an activist - all I am is a friend.

And we all know that it will never happen - unless some Kind of wonder would happen that People stop the greed for the benefit of all. That's the sad part. But back on track....

Are you NDN or non NDN?
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