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Originally Posted by RDNKJ View Post
The bigger question is...Is there any one "type" that is the true (insert tribe/race/nationality/etc.)?

My answer to that would be no. Identity can't be reduced to any one thing or type, it is more existential than that. No offense, but I would argue that you are a true German. Your experience as a German woman is no more or less valid or authentic than the people in Bavaria in their lederhosen or the poshest circles in Berlin.

I'm only partially observant, but woe betide the person who tells me I'm not truly Jewish because I eat pork and shellfish. From the ultra-orthodox Hasid in Jerusalem to the most secular, athiest Jewish lawyer in L.A. - we're all "true Jews."

I think that is true, no matter what the identity.
Please excuse me that I say - born german - papers say it - but if my ancestors would have stayed where they came from, I would have been russian born. The questions I asked - I just feel neutral about them questions. Either one feels alike or same with certain groups of people and more belonging to their ways - based to what one has experienced - or not. So if you're born to a nationality and do not connect with them since earliest childhood and it always stays that way, then (if you can afford to financially) may move on to find those people on this planet you think you can connect with better.

My mother was befriended with a jewish writer. I can connect with many people that are free spirits, that sounds strange... hmmm... I mean people that get on well with each other no matter where they come from or which culture or nationallity they have.

Ofc - maybe I could connect to germans as well - in a way the upbringing lays a path but it rarely happened - can't remember that I ever felt home within german community.

Being someone just on papers is not the real thing. You are who you are and feel home with. I don't feel offended easily by anyone - only when attacked physically. I am just me like a bird in the wind flying alone which is good. I love being ~alone~ but not 365 days a year. With alone I mean - even though being with many people around you - there can be no connection. And in real life the best connection I ever felt with any kind of people is this one I am having with my real life NDN friends. Not all ofc - people are like this and that. I better stop writing b4 I get lost in my own words.

The question was - what is a true indian - as in NDN - would those people who got adopted out into non NDN Families would still feel the connection to their true roots? I would say yes - they may learn life in a different way rather than having been raised within NDN community - but there is something within the people which is different. I know what it is and then I also found out - they - those I met - are like me and I am not NDN. I never had that feeling with any other people. Diggin' deep into the past... having a feature alike people are having. I do not think my biological roots come from any germanic tribes. A mix of ancient nomadic tribes maybe.

It's not important, only interesting.
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