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Originally Posted by Joe's Dad View Post
Maybe you should focus on the Rain Forest of Brazil. The cutting down of trees is like cancer of the lungs. They are cutting down the very tools that make oxygen. That is more important than trying to wanting 'your voices to be heard'.

I'm not trying to be funny or facetious. You story has been written a thousand times. If you want to make a difference, do a film of the issues that affect the ENTIRE world.
The environmental issues started because of the greed of man. NA native's are a perfect example of how it all started. Europe had no trees left, no resources or food. They find a new world with tons of it. And what do they do? They kill everything and leaves it with badlands and deserts.

I like to go to the source of the problem. I know that romanticizing a story is "lame". But you need to make the audience love something before you kill it and take it away from them to make an impact. It's the main rule of storytelling. Without that it's going to be very superficial and people just wont care.

I have six months of research time, I feel as a film maker I'm obligated to make a change instead of doing something about snoop dog smoking weed. And I want people to know about what got destroyed because of mankind's greed. And the natives are the ones that got most destroyed. I know it is a sensitive topic. But instead of digging it deep underground for it to disappear I want to show what happened.

I'm not giving up that easily. I will do my research and get it right.
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