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Originally Posted by Doll View Post
I'm finding myself being faced with the issue of sports teams using Indians for a mascot head on.

Yesterday my husband and I went a local italian submarine sandwich shop in our neighbourhood that we had heard about for years and had never managed to check out. (Excellent eats by the way.)

While we were there waiting for our food, I looked around at all the photos they had on the wall. They had celebrity headshots and group photos of sports teams they had sponsored everywhere.

I notice something peculiar that I had never seen before. The second my eyes landed on an old photo of a football team, I was filled with dread. There on the wall, was the name of our local high school - the one my daughter will/would have been attending - Hart High Indians.

The photo was from the 80's, so I immediately started scanning the room and praying with all of my might that I would find a more recent photo of the team with a name like "Wild Cats" instead.

But as I looked around the room, I couldn't see the name of the team on any of the recent photos. But the colours were the same. I wasn't hopeful.

The minute I got home, I googled. And there it was. "Hart High Indians" on the school website. Along with several google results about how many times people had fought, petitioned and begged for them to change it, to no avail.

From what I have gathered, they seem to think it's ok to use a race of people as a mascot as long as they "portray the Indian respectfully".

They just. don't. get it.

I love my neighbourhood. It's an awesome neighbourhood. I can walk to almost everything I need, it's right on the two bus lines that go almost everywhere I need to go, and it's very family friendly, very low crime, reasonable commute for my husband. We had planned to eventually buy a home in this neighbourhood and stay here until our kids were grown, maybe even for the rest of our lives.

I'm originally from Ontario, Canada, and we've moved around a lot before settling here. For a long time we didn't have a "home". This neighbourhood to me felt like a place I could call home, finally.

And now, unless by some stroke of miracle they change it (doubtful considering the number of times they have ignored being petitioned to do so) I have to move. My daughter attending this school is NOT an option. I will NOT have her attending a school where her heritage is mocked in this way.

I'm pissed. Very, very pissed. I can't believe in this day in age that this crap still exists. It's bad enough that we still have pro sports teams using the names and symbols. But schools? Really, how much of an impact would it be to change it? It's not like they're a nationally recognized symbol. Not that that is a reason to keep the names either, but really, it's a high school team. It would not be a huge deal to change it.

I'm so upset :( I don't want to move. I LIKE where I live. And I feel forced to do so to avoid racism. That really, really sucks.
What do you expect? Many don't even listen to small things - how can they listen to anything bigger? Have you gone there in person to let them know? Rage wouldn't help - people tend to laugh about upset people. I hope you will find what you are looking for. Giving up is no solution either as one always will have to face things he/she does not like or agree with. No matter where ya go. But there's always the option to state your point. It may works.

I like squirrels - well it has got nothing to do with what you wrote, but it's a cute picture this squirrel.

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