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Originally Posted by JeremyRay View Post
As a mixed raced person I would say you are a very embarrassing human being.

...and just thought I'd add, since the OP is so fixated on the social concept of race, that the "blood" of the "whiteman" he despises so much is flowin' through his "pure" Korean veins.

For those unaware, Korea, much like here in Japan, has some really weird fixation on blood...they've literally taken blood type discrimination propaganda, that was first pushed by the Nazis, and adopted it to literally discriminate people based on their blood types. Things aren't as bad as they used to be here in Japan, you wouldn't get jobs or get to marry if you were the wrong blood type, but it's still very common for people to inquire about your blood type when they first meet you, and stereotype you based on it. I've heard it's still really bad in Korea though I don't live there so take that with a grain of salt.

As to Korea's view on Native can pretty much be summed up as "Silly Indians, don't you know you're Korean?!" The OP's views on blood and racial purity are unfortunately far too common among Koreans and share more with Hitler's view of the world than most reasonable people in 2013. Although the country is rich, well-educated, peaceful and fairly ethnically homogeneous – all trends that appear to coincide with racial tolerance – more than one in three South Koreans said they do not want a neighbor of a different race. This may have to do with Korea’s particular view of its own racial-national identity as unique – studied by scholars such as B.R. Myers – and with the influx of Southeast Asian neighbors and the nation’s long-held tensions with Japan....but don't take my word for it:

The Americas were Korea:
America was Korean Territory - YouTube

Inca and Mayan civilizations are Korean:
Korean established Aztec, Inca civilizations - YouTube

Basically all technology was invented by Korea:
Korea is origin of modern technology - YouTube

None of this surprising as Koreans are the best race:
Racial Superiority Propagation - YouTube

Korea's Independence Hall: The Independence Hall of Korea

Features: A description of the Korean race's physical characteristics that went something like this: A broad forehead suggests large brain capacity unlike Mongolians who have a narrow forehead. A description of a war where they beat a several hundred thousand strong Chinese army thus preserving the racial integrity of Korea.

If you're done laughing, here's something interesting to chew on...there have been quite a few ancient "Korean" artifacts found in Alaska that predate the anything ever found in Korea.
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