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Two Things

I noticed that on the left hand side panel here some of the emoticons and pictures are not to be seen on my screen anymore, don't know if that is some irregularity from this site or if it's just me or something wrong with my computer.

The other thing is a warning I want to give out - beware of a nasty hijacker named r v z r - a . a k a m a i h d . net (I wrote the name with spaces for security reasons).

I guess I must have caught by downloading something. It redirects the browser to other websites and bombards you constantly opening new windows with unwanted advertisings.

I simply can't figure out how to get rid of this nasty thing as all those spy deleting programs are not free of charge which I simply cannot afford to buy and are often enough just another hoax. Any ideas how to successfully disable that nasty virus thing? Good help on this would be appreciated. Thank you.
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