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Originally Posted by Toolbox View Post
To answer your first concern - some features have been removed and others glitched when a pug-in for the site was uninstalled a few days ago. See this thread for more information and to report other problems. All the LIKEs are Gone

As for your computer problem. Go to the following link and download a program call "Rkill". Use the link labeled "Download Now @BleepingComputer"to the right (beware of ads that look like download links that sometimes sit on the top of the page). NEXT run Rkill and let it do it's thing. Rkill is a rouge process killer that finds and stops potentially malicious programs that are currently running. Doing this will allow you to install and run normal anti-virus software. Rkill only takes about a minute or two depending on how your system is set up, it may take longer.

Once Rkill has done it's thing download and install the free version of MalwareBytes at Upon install it should ask you if you want to check for updates - UPDATE IT. Run the program and choose "Full Scan" and let it do it's thing. It may take several hours to run depending on how many files you have and how fast your system is in it's current state. If by the time you try to install MalwareBytes the installer quits or keeps getting blocked you may want to try to run Rkill again and as soon as it completes run the installer for MalwareBytes again. Once the scan is complete it will ask you want you want to do with what it finds and of course you should clean the infections.

Once all that stuff is done you can use a free AV program like AVG or Comodo.
@Toolbox - thank you very much for your kind help - I will try if it works and report back.
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