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Originally Posted by OLChemist View Post
OK, I'm probably going to tick off my second newbie in 24hrs, but... This doesn't look very much like what I've seen at events on various Apache reservations.

Most of the women I've seen in Apache regalia wear a full, square bodice blouse, with 3/4 or full length sleeves, and a full, ankle length three tier skirt. They are made from cotton or cotton/poly material. A mix of various solid colors and prints are used. They are often trimmed with ribbon and/or rick rack. The blouse is generally worn over the skirt. Belts are rarely used. This is a very loose outfit. If you Goggle Apache camp dress, you'll find some pictures.

There are some buckskin dresses. But these are for very special occasions. And there are rules about the making and wearing.

The traditional Apache mocc is very distinctive and beautiful. And not the easiest to make. They are boot style, with a long folded upper. The sole is made in several different configurations, usually with a projecting flap at the toe. Since they were traditionally desert footwear, there was some special processing done to thicken the sole.

If you are planing to powwow dance in a camp dress at events with a low twinkie coefficient: Lose the headband/crown unless you are a current or former Princess. Forgo the ultrasuede skirt and the Mexican blouse. Invest in a good pair of Native made mocs. Cover your bare arms and lose the skin tight look, unless you want to lecture from someone's granny about modesty. And get rid of the dangling "eagle" feather, unless you have earned the right to wear one.

Thank you so much! And no, you did not offend/upset me in any way. In fact, I knew that this wasn't the right way to dress; that's why I asked. I live in Florida and have not had the opportunity to travel to any powwows out of state due to a college budget. So whenever I see Apache ladies (and only a few, mind you), they are not dressed in what the Apache ladies wear on the reservations. One lady I know wears buckskin and this other lady that I've seen wears a long black skirt with a black cape. I haven't been told whether the way I've been dressed is correct or not. I honestly appreciate that you gave me this feedback. It has helped me go into the right direction. Once again, thank you. :)
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