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Originally Posted by jeanniebee View Post
@Spiritflight,I just realized I am speaking to somebody famous world wide lol. Do not shy away, you have worked to hard for this and now all your hard work has,been worth it. So embrace it full on "Like A Charging Bull" and enjoy the Ride. Its great for you to be able to share your beautiful musical gifts with many others, So stand tall, Stand Proud and if that fails, Run around the house behind closed doors shouting and doing "A Meg Ryan Special.."Yes, Yes, Yes, hahahahaha. Congratulations and you deserve your Fame. ((HUGGGGS)
I just realized you see it big. Yes, for a lil mouse like me it's great to know a few people like to hear the mixes I make and my latest mix had 29 listeners ww in the first hour - I prefer to remain humble.
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