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I just realized what a comfortably numb state of beingness it is, when losing once again everything you had put your heart on, the last cent I spent at a Notebook some time not so long ago, now it had a major crash and nothing can be saved, my music creations all gone, that mixing program all destroyed and can't afford to buy a new one as it was given to me once and it became my major thing in life, creating music as everything else I still could do is not what I would enjoy as it seems kinda boring to me. Well, it meant the world to me to have this Notebook and the program and to make people happy when I noticed some enjoy my sound mixes. Now I am using an outdated not properly working pc which is as slow as a snail and won't even let me hear music online anymore nor watch any videos. If my notebook gets repaired which I only can afford because it still has got guarantee on it, my music software and important papers still be gone, photos, everything and I would have made backup, but I didn't have any disks to do so. Windows got completely shot to pieces, won't start anymore. So am I lucky or not, that I at least can get online with this old pc? It will let me wait minutes sometimes before even forwarding any messages. Oh well... losing everything that had a meaning gives room for something new, but what for, after a while I'll lose it again anyway, that's life.
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