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Originally Posted by jeanniebee View Post
I just realzed @Spiritflight, Awwwww If I could be with you right now I truly would, to try to make you feel better and let you know that you are not alone, that there are people who care and are sad to hear what has happened and how you feel right now. I know from your posts that your music is everything to you, and you loved that your mix ups and music made people happy and feel enjoyment, so to have lost so much and not be able to do that right now is very hard for you. I can understand this as Dance to me means the same, so not to be able to dance would make me feel this way too. As your music fills your soul and dance fills my loneliness and spirit. But as you say you are going to get it fixed, so that is good news, yes you have lost a lot you cannot get back, but you can replace them with new ones even though they were sadly your memories, but as I said you can make new memories, and who knows they maybe even better. And even though you feel like you loose everythingthing life as you say "Thats Life" it may not always be that way. Please do not let loss make you feel like you have to give up on anything good, yes..we all get hurt..we all loose things in life..which leave us feeling open, vulnerable and lonely and hurt, but you have to move step at a time, one day at a time and so cannot give up just because to expect it to be taken away again..Even though its hard..put your feelings into something you love like your music..let yourself feel free and compose and put into your music what you feel..the hurt..the loss..the you cannot hold that in as it will drag you down and get worse. We sometimes have our choices and dreams taken away from us in life..but it is upto fight for them back. I know you do not feel like fighting for anything right surround yourself in what you love, your music..even if its just listening to it until you can make your own again soon. Let it be your little blanket, to wrap around you to keep you feeling warm and safe inside yourself..Just do not give I said there are people who do care for you,and want to see you feeling happy and making music again. I would love to see you happy and listen to your music and not see and hear your feeling so sad. So I am sending you Vertual Snuggles, and Cuddles and Mahoosive Big Huggs to help you on your way. If I could I would come dancing through your door, grab your hand and pull you to your feet for you to dance with me..until all your hurt abd sadness is "Danced Away" hahahahahahahaha I bet hearing that made you smile a little and laugh a little (((Huggs)))
Thanks for your effort trying to cheer me up.
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