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A question about tattoos

First off, I don't yet know anything about Native American culture, I am just an Irish girl who is very interested in learning about it.
What first sparked my interest was the artwork and symbolism. I have always found all of the symbols and colours and crafts so incredibly beautiful. I've been waiting for years to start getting tattooed and I thought a Native American tattoo would be perfect, and so beautiful to have on my body forever. I proceeded to ask a question on Yahoo Answers about the tattoo. I'm also very interested in Buddhism, and my question was basically just asking whether it would be too mish-mashy and clashing if I were to have some Native American style tattoos, as well as eventually getting some Buddhist ones. One of the replies I got really opened my eyes to how naive I was being.

Someone, obviously of Native American routes, was very upset and angry at me wanting to wear their symbols, and told me I had no right at all. At first I was a little taken aback, but then I did some brief research and realized they were right. I had no idea what these images were symbolizing other than what I'd read on a quick google search. I found that these were symbols that had to be earned. I might not be getting all of this right, like I said, I know nothing about the culture or history, but am now definitely eager to learn about it.

I was so disappointed to hear that my tattoo idea of a bull skull surrounded by some feathers and coloured beads, would actually be very offensive and disrespectful of me, particularly when respect is such a strong quality that I aim to have at all times. I was happy that I'd found this out before getting the tattoo. I guess I'm just still disappointed that I can't get a Native American styled tattoo without feeling like I'm being disrespectful, I just find it so beautiful.. I have tried some research on what symbols or artwork is not considered disrespectful.. some people said dream catchers are not offensive because they are not symbolic of anything spiritual, is this true?

I'd just like some advice, even on similar styles, that don't have such a strong meaning. I'd also love to learn more about all of the history, which I'm going to head onto the information section of this website now and read about!

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