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Originally Posted by Josiah View Post
I will speak in a broad and general sense and address several of your questions

I don't speak for any tribe in particular

As for Materials and staying 'Traditional" That ended when Manufactured goods were introduced to most native people in the last 500 years. Materials change as will taste and fashion such as when the first bolts of cotton cloth was traded for furs. Or Materials such as Wool Broadcloth were traded with us for hundreds of years in some cases we are the only customer to Wool mills in England such as with the 7 band Broad Cloth. Solid prints and the wide spectrum of colors and materials are adopted and used by native peoples everyday such as Japanese silks and brocade cloth that I have used for my Dance Shirts. Czech seed beads have been traded with Native peoples for a long time and some are becoming hard to find!!
So at what point shall we remain Frozen in time??
I know that Reenacters like to go back to a time in the past and recreate a "theme" but we are not Reenacting a time in the past but celebrating and moving forward and as a new material comes along that makes our clothes look keen well it will be adopted and used!

As for the Shawnee, to see what they are doing first you must travel to an area that they still reside in. A large community of Absentee Shawnee are located in and around Little Axe Oklahoma, they still hold many traditional dances including the Stomp dance at several grounds. As for manner of dress and materials they have also traded with the English over the centuries and materials have adapted to meet the taste of the Modern Shawnee.

As for Costumes that is for children to use at Halloween...
OK, well, thank you for that answer and please forgive my ignorance. I am very glad I didn't use the term "costume" with the Shawnee people I'm talking to, so now I've been schooled a bit and know to use the term regalia instead.

I am in contact with the Shawnee tribe (not Absentee) and am most likely going to go to a Pow Wow at some point. Glad to know these things. Right now I feel like a completely stupid white guy who knows nothing and will most likely get laughed at or dirty looks when I go there. My questions are more out of ignorance than anything. And I should have thought about the length of history with which whites have been in contact with native peoples and how products have been in your hands for over 400 years.

I love your quote: Celebrating and Moving Forward. I will have to keep that in mind when I foolishly try to keep the image of native American culture too primitive in my mind. But it is also interesting that some actually do a bit of reenacting and I guess that raises other questions for me.

One thing that strikes me is how some seem to be reverent and totally into the spirit of the dance in videos I've watched and other folks seem to act like they're being forced to be part of something they're not really that interested in, which makes me think "Wow..."

Have not seen but a few videos so that is perhaps a small glimpse of what is out there.

In any case, thank you for your answers. I appreciate learning and the way that you handled my ignorance. Peace!
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