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Originally Posted by Maize-Grower View Post
If anything, we're more similar to Joumon culture... 冗談じゃない。 (Not kidding.) I have compared various Native legends to those of Japan's Joumon and Yoyoi periods as well as extant Ainu texts and cultural artifacts of both regions. My conclusion is that there was possibly trade at the very least because of cultural and artistic similarities between Ainu and Haida peoples. There are also some religious ideas that bear similarity such as a belief in a Creator and vast number of spirits of nature. There's also a resemblance between the story in the Kojiki of the sacrifice of the Food Goddess resulting in people being forced to toil for food and the sacrifice of the Corn Woman (Selu in Cherokee Mythology, called various other names and seems to be nearly the same story among the Maya) which had the same outcome. However, I must point out that the most recent that migration could have happened, is 5-9000 years BP. Even if this were not the case, Koreans living at that time are not the same Koreans alive today. The Han invaded from China and wiped them out at the end of the 3 Kingdoms Period. People living in Korea now are a mix of the Han and later occupying Mongols. After the fall of the Great Mongolian Empire, Joseon Dynasty lasted until 1910 when the King died. From the Mongols, the Koreans received Hoh Tolboton, the Blue Mark, said to be the blessing of Tengri. Now, since we know for sure due to genetic studies that we're related to Mongolians, that could be why Koreans get confused. But our shared ancestry is Mongolian, not Korean. Interesting to note: Tengri is a Sky God represented by a wolf and an eagle. Tengriists believe cardinal directions are important and they are represented by different colors. Heck of a coincidence... but not a whiff of this in Korean Religion. The Han were Confucian and followed the 7 lucky gods as well as Buddhism.

Ancient Japanese and NDNz share some cultural similarity and may have made contact. Mongolians share some ancestry according to DNA. Koreans' only relation is because Mongolia conquered them. Even if ancient Koreans came, they wouldn't be related to modern Koreans.
Spot on!
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