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Originally Posted by Joe's Dad View Post
I come the old school. We dont kiss and tell. I'm in my sixth decade of life. I wouldn't have asked you those questions if I hadnt done them myself. My son danced in Mexico City at the cathedral in both his feathers from here and in his vestuario. He has been given permission to dance with a high ranking group when he wants. To come in here and start talking about people don't know anything about aztecas, atzlan, who landed at the cactus with the eagle atop and a snake in it's mouth makes it sound like you and your teachers are the only ones who are right. This has the tones of the preachers and the padres going to set all the hesthens straight...even if it kills the heathens. There is always those who know just a little more, have done a little more and have contributed a little more.

Those are the ones who usually stay quit. Intil the omniscient one comes along. I won't question you have good intentions. Slow your role and listen. Youcan't learn when you're talking.

if what you say is true about your son. then all you have to do is go ask him and them about what i say.

ask them about the teachers that were sent to the states to teach here.
ask them about what went right and what went wrong.

but i am sure you know.

i also know about these things. but i also rebel against the church. THe church forced took over the danzas. created a heirarchy and even kept the darker natives out. A lot of discrmintation existed in the church dance groups.
on the oppposite side of the table , a lot of danza remained in the villages because well that where they devleoped but also because they were not allowed into the larger dance circles.
but you would know that.
i have been quiet from these forums for years. yes i can keep quiet. but when i hear people speak lies, well, sometimes i got to say something.

or when i hear people mention a story with parts missing and i have one of the missing pieces, it becomes a responsibility to say something.

no its the churches teachings that tell the heathens to stay quiet.
i rebelled against those church ways. my group rebelled against those church ways.

and if what you say is true about your son being a part of the dance circles in mexico, it will not take you long to figure out which rebellious dance group i come from.
They will tell you. There is only one as far i know, us.

you talk about being allowed to dance at a cathedral? then you know about the mesas. YOu know the aztlan stories. yet you put it down and allow others to do the same.

you know that others besides your son were given permission to dance. you know how that works then.

you know that the people here were given permission to dance, yet do you defend them or help out when they make mistakes? maybe you help out, but i haven't seen you defend them yet. quite the opposite.
if what you say is true, then you do know about all the sub groups and branches.

you also would know of the different styles of danza and their different ideaologies and philosphies and how many of the old church groups have told the people up here not to defend thenmselves or stand up for their rights or make changes that will save them.

you will know about the warrior danza groups.
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