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Originally Posted by Joe's Dad View Post
My mother comes from the area of the mountain of the blue rock. I dance eagle bustle not azteca. I knpw who I am and I knpw where I come from. Both sides. I personally don't think you can put natives from this continent and say they are all the same. Culturally linguistics, traditions...are all different. A true statement would be "we are all indigenous". To think you have the right to go into Grand Entry as a danzante is the same as thinking you can walk into a closed aztec group and start dancing. Oil and water don't mix.
you are right and wrong. if you are using the term "you" in the general sense ok. but if you mean me. i never claimed to have any rights.

but i will point out the contradictions and the hypocrisies of such things as pow wows.
white people are allowed to dance and invited in. WHITE PEOPLE. thats weird. Many pow wows, not all, are ok with the fake white natives dancing and do nothing about it. They like the money they bring i think.
Pow wows promote INTERTRIBALISM. yet have had a history of exluding many native people. I seen this for myself. And i am not talkign about mexicas. Many tribes hate pow wows because of this and the disrespect that pow wows bring into their lands.
Me, i preferred to have everyone work out and suppport the idea of intertribal social dancing and i did. and it worked out fine.
its hypocritical to say everyone is welcome to come dance and then exclude specific natives.
to be a part of grand may be right. however, when a social gathering says all nations welcome....what does this mean?

how should those nations visiting and joining in the fun show their respect? and at the same time folllow their own traditions of showing respect?

if you know about danza azteca than you know this would be at the entrado. Now i do know its a culture shock and new and the whipman doesn't know where to place them, but still its a show of respect to the head man dancers and the ancestors of the original pow wow starters.
if there are to be any exclusions the flyers should say so and not say all nations welcome.
this implies that the gathering is OPEN not CLOSED.
to compare to a closed danza circle is not valid. Its closed. but they will tell you its closed.
most danza circle are open and yes you can just show up. but out of respect still should ask for permission.
and yes, many danzantes have asked for permission to dance at pow wows. and yes many were invited to dance. you may not agree with those other elders who did the inviting but they did invite.
and no its best to leave the church hymms at home.
i know natives are not all the same. but then again when people make that statement it is VAGUE. leaves out too much about what do they mean by that? we are all the same in that we are all the same race. the same blood. but we are not all the same in that we have different languages, traditions, styles, things like that.

we are all indigenous and my people over here say exactly that. we don't go around saying nican tlaca and retake the southwest like the mexica movement people would have others believe.
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