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Originally Posted by gilisi View Post
My turn to ask questions then...

Have you ever worked side by side with indocumented Mexicans?

How many days have you gone without running water?

without food?

Have you ever shed blood over these issues?

Have you ever been detained simply for being racially profiled?

Have you suffered alongside these innocents you claim to defend?

I want to see your regalia.. really show us some pics

I'm interested
ahh finally.

now i can say something. and what i have to say is this.

what does this have anythign to do with the topic of this thread?
destroying the aztlan myth?

everything i have said so far is in response to what people been telling me and asking me.

but i guess i can answer some even if its off topic. don't know why you wont' talk about the topic.

yes i have worked side by side with undocumented. marched with them. helped to promote their rights by guarding those fighitng for their rights. HELPED that means therer were others too.
what this got to do with aztlan myth?

i been lucky enough not have had to go without running water. but i mean lucky. barely pulling through. yes i know many do not have this. so i am lucky. but i was born in the city. i didn't ask to be here in this system of things. but again nothing to do with the topic.

shed blood? not me. others i know have. me things worked out smoothly in my time where no blood was spilled. i credit this to people getting along and uniting and working together constructively and strategically. I did my best to make sure no blood was ever spilled. and so did others. worked out fine.

been detained? from racial profiling? well thats vague. IF you mean at the border or ice raids and that no. but racial profiling and beeing detained yes. been fired for it too.
but again, nothing to do with aztlan story.

suffered alongside them? in what manner? i didn't live with them in the same room if thats what you mean.

defending them does not imply living with them or suffering with them.
they have their world of suffering and i have mine. and suffering is nothing to be proud of.
if you are talking about the undocumented, they are only ONE group of people that were helped. and my help was limited to guarding simply cause i don't speak spanish. The other did more. I was limited in what i could do to help.
doesn't have anything to do with destroying aztec myths though.

you want to see pics. uh no.

what am i supposed to say now? I show you mine if you show me yours?

perv. lol. i don't dance anymore anyhow. only on special occasions. like the other day a bro died and we danced for him. but other than that its been years. I got a gut now and my capitan called me chubby. of which i am not, but my gut showed a little. regalie shrunk i think.
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