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Rhymes are back again
this may be some kinda fun
poetry is not what I like

once was in the box of fame
still looking for a honey hun
so we could walk and hike

talk and like
the daylight, the night
the stars bright

tents and camping
scents of plants, colorful
and tempting just to dance

romantic kinda renaissance
oh please no, poetry, go go go
away, be a needle in the hay-

stack stuck somewhere on the line
type and type and rhyme and rhyme
boring words, boredome hurts

this is it, had enough of this giddy git
well of words, herds of nerds won't give a sh*t
addios for now, stay strong and tall

somehow and don't call
my name, it will just be the same
as rhymes move on to nomansland

high five, shakes hand
what was I am going to say?
Hey, don't go away, just stay.
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