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I am happy in my single room
a good place for a tiny toon

the sky is kinda grey in grey
but that doesn't bother me, it's okay

will travel to city not hitch nor hike
infact I won't even take my bike

life feels good and so do I
sometimes misunderstood, sometimes shy

self awareness and self esteem
on our side and inbetween

some downs and ups
yeh, still not going alone to pubs

my bike is safe standing in the hall
until summer or next fall

I rather walk or take the bus
ah... what the heck no much fuzz

sun will shine soon again on this side
today I'll go out and will not hide

and for now I go and shut my mouth and hold my keys
have a good time ya'll in this house big and small,
and for me you too are celebrities!
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