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And then there was this little hen
livin in a little den

wanting to hide her little chickens from striving
feared them to get tamed for tamed mouse riding

and there was this game being played
it was about how to tame a mouse and to use a slingshot

so she said I got some cheese hot
who wants the first shot

and she focused on the leader
he was the bigged probably the family feeder

and she stood here with the sling and the cheese
wondering how to aim the shot and how to please

a little mouse outside the house
in it's stall whether to shoot the cheese

or a little ball at the mousey man
and then - she saw the hen

thinking, while staring at the den
mouse, cheese, chicken, hen

she wants to drop the ole sling shot
and went after the chickens

while in the house the soup in the pot
on the stove there thickens

and then she went after the hen for a shot
since the chickens were yellow like the cheese

she couldn't see and then the soup was hot
but she couldn't put the hen in the water and said please

forgive me, I am a bit confused, to the animal god
I leave them little animals alone

so she took the cheese for the soup
and went back home

kinda happy but weary about the coup
which wasn't exactly to her pleasure

and then afterall the soup
was just her only treasure

with a bit of cheese really small
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