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Why does Native american culture exist in US, but very rare in Mexico?

I mentioned this topic briefly in the other thread I created, but I'll elaborate on it.

Most mexicans are either native or part native, yet very few Mexicans (some Mexicans in southern mexico near central america-thats about it) still live in tribes and practice traditional culture. Native Americans are a tiny minority in the US and Canada, yet most of them belong to tribes and practice traditional culture. They arent assimilated like Mexicans are- and Mexico is a a country where most people are amerindian. Why is that? I think it's kinda sad how native american culture is practically super rare in Mexico but is very commonin other parts of the continent.

Northern and central Mexicans are related to the same indian tribes who live in the american southwest (like navajo, etc)-yet while southwest indians still hold onto their native culture and identity-Mexicans dont. I dont know any Mexicans who identify themselves as part of a tribe or anything like that. Apache - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia

Apachean people formerly ranged over eastern Arizona, northern Mexico (Sonora and Chihuahua)
Yet in those states of Mexico and people with ancestry from N Mexico, they dont identify themselves as a part of native american tribes. They culturally have no connection to that now.

According to this map, the Yuman and Pimnan native american tribes of the US also were widespread all over Northwestern Mexico. Mexicans techncially are native americans in the sense that they belong to the same tribes of natives that lived in the US.

So why do you think Native American culture from tribes is alive and thriving in Arizona and the western US states, but is practically functionally extinct in Northern Mexico?
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