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Family, but where?
No holiday celebrations in sight

distant family still is in my country
I called them a few times alright

they never called back, they never hear
when I said, living without family seems like a nightmare

especially on holidays I am sitting alone at home
and from my god-mother I never got a care

sorry I vent and whine but it is not a crime
Family always been important to me

but you see, they don't see my need
to belong, I think leaving a lonely one out is so wrong

but dogs they feed and sing a christmas song
when I was a child now I feel fooled

all got raised the christian way
hippocrates I should say

you are adult people say
you are alone? So live that way!

Or go out and make friends with a stranger
I tried and I know about it's danger

yeh don't worry I feel good
just the way as I should

and I am not better than any other
it doesn't matter

but I dearly miss my mother
yea, now I have cooled
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