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Irish Coffee

New Year's Eve morning. Hm... while the world twirls around me in the hype of celebrating another number on the calendar I keep wondering, how much longer I can survive this loneliness. How can one explain what kind of loneliness I mean? It is not, that I miss the people in my life, it's more that people like to pretend. Like I care for you, it's christmas, so I offer you to go to church to not be alone. It is not about having other human bodies surround me, that does not make me feel less alone. One thing once happened I met this irish guy, we talked and he told me about when meeting strangers and both feel you get on well, he said they are friends.

It impressed me as in my country it does not work, no one ever would instantly call a person they get on well with, a friend. So back in time when this irish guy told me, I thought, wow, that's a completely new way of seeing it. Maybe he's the only person who thinks so, but in my country you can only make friends through people you already know getting introduced to other people they know, if at all. My personal experience. But what I wanted to say is, that once you are solitude however it may happened, you are left alone and all people you consider to may get closer with, keep telling you where to go to find people for making friends. So I went there and those people there also told me other places where to go to join and may find new friends, so I went there and the people there also told me where to go to may find new friends and I went there and there the people also told me where else to go to find friends... finally I gave up and this crazy NYE morning I decided I add some whiskey to my coffee. So I named it irish coffee. There is a drink called that way, don't know if it's done with whiskey. Crap, the only people I would say were real friends are this irish guy and them native americans I lived with.
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