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Originally Posted by AmigoKumeyaay View Post
The British considered us Irish to be subhuman, and we were starved out of our own homelands. We are everywhere around the world.

We are a more open personality than some, but we aren't afraid to take risks. Hell, we aren't afraid of any damn thing! Fighting Irish, but loyal friends to the end.

Irish Coffee? haha...I like a bit of Kahlua in my coffee, just a bit

Get those Teutonic Germans to lighten up a bit
My only friend lasting from my youth is this irish one. Anyway, I got nothing to do with any teutonic german stuff or the like, felt disconnected to any german ways since birth. That home made irish coffee only had a drop of whiskey. I know about the irish/english problem, my friend told me all about it. He lives in the US since about 30 years now.
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