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Originally Posted by OLChemist View Post
Also, please do not refer to our beliefs in the past tense. We're still here. Despite many people's best efforts, our children still learn our ways :)
That's great to hear! I will correct myself. Based on some of the responses I got I was starting to think otherwise.

I'm by no means looking for a book that somehow includes all of this knowledge, I know that doesn't exist because of face to face and oral ways of teaching, and as you mentioned, how sacred those teachings are. I am simply looking for the very basics, but truthful ones, not the misleading ones or hearsay.

By "popular" I meant more common, perhaps that's a better way to phrase it. In other words beliefs that are shared by 2 or more tribes/nations. I'm not looking to pick and choose, in fact I presumed there would not be books on every individual nation that was documented but rather a kind of summary/general overview type of book. I take ancestry very seriously and would never dare to REALLY learn the way of any other tribe other than those of my ancestors for many reasons which are just a given and not up for debate. Simply for the sake of education was I curious about others, not for the sake of picking and choosing and converting, etc. My mother's grandfather was full Osage. When I was about 6 or 7yrs old I remember being at his house and my mom was tape recording her grandmother telling stories in Osage. He had passed but his wife who was white, had learned much of the language from him. For this reason if I ever went down any serious path of learning, it would be in the Osage ways. I'm curious on what the Osage beliefs about reincarnation are.

Hopefully that's more an appropriate and respectful response. Thank you for your serious response.

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